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This week’s smart grid (and smart water) wins: projects, milestones and a merger

Read this week’s smart grid wins roundup to learn about new projects and developments for a variety of smart grid and smart water companies. Also, don’t miss the news about the proposed merger between Exelon Corporation and Pepco Holdings.  More >>


smart grid, global smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, Australia, Europe, power surplus, electric utilities

Australia and Europe have a power problem -- too MUCH power

Australia and Europe have far more energy than they need. In Australia, it’s a matter of economics and reduced demand. In Europe, renewable energy subsidies led to the oversupply. Click to learn what the fallout will be as both regions respond to their energy gluts.  More >>
  smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, renewable energy, wind power, U.S. wind power, Department of Energy

U.S. wind energy industry is doing quite well too (It’s not all about solar)

Wind power usually seems to play the wallflower in the renewable energy world where most of the attention is focused on solar. But two new DOE reports say the U.S. is a global leader in wind energy, ranking second in installed capacity in the world.  More >>
smart grid, modern grid, renewable energy, renewables and grid strain, Germany, German renewables program

Were we wrong about Germany? Can renewables make a grid MORE reliable?

Critics routinely skewer Germany’s aggressive adoption of renewables, citing high power costs and grid instability as the inevitable results. But there are those who contend the country’s grid is more reliable because of renewables integration. Click to read what they’re saying and why.  More >>
  smart grid, modern grid, customer engagement, customer engagement srategy, electric utilities

The 5 essentials for better customer engagement

Most utilities have customer engagement programs of some kind by now. But are they doing enough, doing it right? Guest author Martin Milani explains why a comprehensive strategy that cost-effectively engages customers across all touch points and programs is far better than stand-alone solutions. And he shares proven approaches for ensuring meaningful engagement.  More >>
solar power, rooftop solar, smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, electric utilities, electric utility future, smart grid trends, smart grid markets

The good news for solar that could be bad news for utilities (including much higher efficiency)

Solar may seem like a threat utilities don’t really need to worry about quite yet, if ever in areas that don’t get a lot of sun and costs are high. But recent developments in the solar and energy storage industries could mean the time when today’s utility customers start generating their own power is coming soon.  More >>
  smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, social media, digital technologies, mobile apps, customer engagement, electric utilities

74% of U.S. utilities are flunking mobile (the East is best, the South is worst)

The migration to mobile is evident in almost every industry. But at a time when people buy clothes, check bank statements or make reservations by phone, the U.S. electric power industry seems to be far behind. There are stunning exceptions of course but many, many utilities seriously lag in their adoption of digital technologies. A new report from Booz Allen offers some suggestions for how they can catch up.  More >>
smart grid technology, transmission technoogy, smart grid, modern grid, electric utilities, transmission infrastructure, grid optimization

The 7 technologies that are revolutionizing the transmission grid

The U.S. transmission network is old. More than half of the country’s high voltage transmission lines have been in service for 25 years or longer. However, there are several new technologies that could help correct its inadequacies and enable it to meet 21st century demands. Click to learn about them.  More >>
  smart grid, modern grid, policy and regulation, grid optimization, U.S. Northeast, grid modernization

Future of utilities: New England may opt for "outcomes-based" regulations

The northeast region of the country is undergoing major changes that include rapid adoption of distributed generation, electric vehicles, smart buildings and more. Plus demands from regulators and ratepayers for a more resilient and dependable grid. Read the story for a look at the New England Clean Energy Council’s vision of the electricity future.  More >>
Xcel Energy, Boulder, Colorado, municipal utilities, smart grid, modern grid, electric utilities

Boulder discovers challenges to becoming its own utility

The city of Boulder is finding out that divorcing electric service provider Xcel could become a lot harder than anticipated. While no one expected the city’s effort to set up its own municipal electric utility would be carefree and painless, escalating costs alone could be a make or break obstacle.  More >>
  EPA, FERC, EPA Clean Power Plan, transmission, smart grid, modern grid, policy and regulation

Will the new EPA rules hurt grid reliability? Here's what FERC has to say

FERC told a Senate subcommittee last week that EPA’s Clean Power Plan wouldn’t harm the reliability of the transmission grid. But it turns out comments from FERC commissioners left room for interpretation. Click to learn about two different points of view.  More >>


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