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Smart Grid News is the new and improved FierceSmartGrid

The merger of Smart Grid News with FierceSmartGrid brings big changes. Not everyone embraces change; change can be difficult and even scary sometimes. But don't worry; these changes are exciting and will take FierceSmartGrid and Smart Grid News to a higher level, providing you with more insight and analysis than anywhere else in the industry -- more often.  Just think of Smart Grid News as the "new and improved" FierceSmartGrid.

A Black Friday diversion

Fierce has a tradition that editors look forward to every year. Instead of shopping on Black Friday, we publish an annual "Best of" issue -- a compilation of the most read, most shared,...

Advancing India's smart grid

India and the United States agree that the smart grid is necessary for the transformation of the power grid, and recognize that close collaboration and sharing of best practices is hugely beneficial to both countries and the world.  At the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel's (SGIP) recent conference, the India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) and SGIP signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), proposing an approach to enhance the coordination between the two organizations.

Utilities select Fierce Energy, Smart Grid Innovators

Our inaugural Fierce Innovation Awards: Energy Edition were so successful, we decided to do it again. The caliber of entries and level of innovation was impressive -- even more so than last year. Winners were selected by people who are most in need of cutting-edge technologies -- executives from well-known, highly respected utilities -- not by editors.

Deadline Extended for Fierce Innovation Awards 2014 - Now August 29!

In response to the large number of requests for more time, we are pleased to announce that we have extended the entry period for the Fierce Innovation Awards: Energy Edition by one week.  Applications will now be accepted through midnight, ET this Friday, August 29

Are you an Energy Industry Innovator?

We are looking for advanced solutions that solve these critical issues for utility companies, giving them the best opportunity to cut costs, grow revenue, and have the highest potential for easy, rapid and widespread adoption.

Industry disruptors: Technology, policy and money

I was honored to participate in a panel on "The Grid of Tomorrow" with several of my esteemed industry colleagues and peers from the media, as well as analyst firms, at GE's America's Software Summit. The panel was tasked, in part, with identifying the most disruptive or transformational changes facing the energy industry. The answers were revealing.

The three C's

As FierceSmartGrid reports from DistribuTECH this week, some interesting trends are emerging -- namely in regard to customers, collaboration, and critical technology.

Live conference coverage

Stay plugged in to FierceSmartGrid for the latest event coverage. 

Google's impact on the smart grid

By now it's old news that Google has acquired Nest Labs, best known for its smart thermostat, in a $3.2 billion cash transaction. What isn't as clear is why Google has delved into the "smart" market and how it might make a lasting impact on the smart grid.