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SGN Lessons from the Real World Webinar Archives

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Click inside for instant access to replays and slide decks from all of our previous smart grid webinars:
- Integrating AMI and OMS: Avoiding the landmines
- Forget about Big Data! (Start with small data)
- End-to-End Asset Health
- Best Practices in IT/OT Convergence
- Data Analytics: How BGE is Benefiting from AMI Data
- Cellular's Role in Smart Grids
- Full-Circle Customer Engagement: Why, When and How
- Success Secrets of OG&E's Smart Grid Deployment
- Customer Engagement with IHDs
- Breakthrough Techniques for Engaging Electric Power Consumers
- Behavioral Science for Persistent Customer Engagement
- Path to an Integrated Network Operating Center
- Science of Customer Engagement
- The Path to Advanced Asset Management
- Comparing Cellular with Other Comm Technologies
- Hard Won Wisdom for Smart Meter Deployments
- Breakthrough Best Practices for Merging IT and OT
- Meter Data Management Pitfalls (and How to Avoid Them)
- Smart Grid Security - How to Protect New and Legacy Equipment
- Achieving the Ultimate Communications Network
- Next Generation Asset Management
- Making the Business Case for Smart Meters
- Secrets of Customer Adoption
- High Performance in Talent and Organizations
- High Performance in Data Management - From Overload to Insights

Integrating AMI and OMS: webinar replays and presentation materials

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, AMI, metering, smart meters, grid optimization, outage management systems, BRIDGE Energy Group, BC Hydro, webinars, electric utilities
Download the presentation materials from SGN’s April 22, 2014 webinar and learn what experts from BRIDGE Energy Group and BC Hydro had to say about avoiding the pitfalls of integrating AMI and OMS. You will also learn about the tactics that help ensure success and the benefits of integration.

Forget about Big Data: webinar replays and presentation materials

Smart Grid, data analytics, big data, small data, forget about big data webinar, eMeter data analytics, CenterPoint Energy analytics, Duke Energy analytics, SGN webinar
Want to get your utility started down the data analytics path – but not ready to commit to a platform and the enterprise-class software that goes with it? Click to watch replays from SGN's April 2, 2014 webinar where experts from eMeter, a Siemens Business, CenterPoint Energy and Duke Energy explained why a start-small approach can make a lot of sense.

How to future-proof your distribution utility -- webinar replays and presentation

Smart Grid, distribution utility, future-proof distribution utility, Smart Grid News webinar, Elster solutions, Modern Grid, Smart Grid Deployment, AMI, Smart Meters, Power Grid, Smart Electric Grid, Electric Utilities,
Forces in the power industry are converging to make the current utility business model obsolete. In SGN's Jan. 22, 2014 webinar, industry experts from Elster, Black & Veatch and PacifiCorp joined us to discuss an approach that can help utilities survive, perhaps even thrive, during this period of change. Key word: multi-purpose. Click to replay the webinar and download the presentation deck.

End-to-end asset health webinar replays and presentation materials

Smart Grid, asset health, asset health management, AEP asset health center, ABB asset health, Ventyx asset health, electric utility asset health management
Asset health management is becoming a strategic imperative for electric utilities faced with aging infrastructure and a retirement boom. If you missed or want to revisit our Sept. 11 webinar on end-to-end asset health that featured experts from AEP, ABB and Ventyx, here's your opportunity. Click to download the presentation materials and webinar replays.

Best practices for IT-OT convergence: webinar replays and presentation

All over the world, utilities are facing up to the task of integrating information technology (IT) operations with those of operational technology (OT). What's driving it? How can utilities prepare? What should they expect? Get answers in the replays from SGN's Aug. 21 webinar with experts from Schneider Electric and Burbank Water & Power.

Energy 101: Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy

See how marine and hydrokinetic technologies harness the energy of the ocean's waves, tides, and currents and convert it into electricity to power our homes, buildings and cities in this video from the Department of Energy.

Storm Soldiers

This film from Hubbell Power Systems explores the life and times of journeyman linemen, apprentices and their families. Their team has traveled all over North America documenting the stories of the lineman brotherhood.

Modernizing the North American Grid

In this Intel podcast, Erich Gunther of Enernex covers the hot topics in grid modernization, touching on disaster response, utility core and ICT infrastructure, reliability assessment, interoperability, standards, big data and cybersecurity.

Wyden Speech at Edison Foundation on Opportunities for the Smart Grid

U.S. Senate Energy Chairman Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) offers his perspective on the opportunities and challenges in the smart grid during the Edison Foundation's "Powering the People" event.

Smart Grid Makes Restoration Faster for Utilities

This Silver Spring Networks webcast highlights how Baltimore Gas & Electric leveraged smart grid technology during Hurricane Sandy. Benefits discussed include greater visibility into affected areas and ease in locating and rerouting power around trouble spots.

Part 1: Developing an analytics roadmap at your utility

In this first replay segment, Accenture Senior Manager Matt Comte discusses the benefits of setting up an analytics roadmap. He also explains why starting out with a pilot program can help your utility explore the various ways analytics can transform business practices.

Part 2: BGE's approach to analytics and developing value cases

Tom Humphreys, who is BGE's Project Manager, Advanced Metering Capabilities, provides an overview of his utility's analytics pilot program. In this second replay segment he also describes the approach BGE used to introduce the analytics initiative, develop value cases and then determine those that looked most promising.

Part 3: Analytics case studies from BGE's playbook

This third segment features Chandra Shekhar Raj, who is Data Analytics Project Manager for Accenture. He drills down on some of the value cases that were implemented at BGE in the areas of theft analysis and demand response, describing the various scenarios involved and results achieved.

Part 4: Lessons learned and tips for analytics success

In this fourth and final replay segment, Tom Humphreys of BGE and Chandra Shekhar Raj and Matt Comte of Accenture provide more examples of analytics value cases that were implemented at BGE, including voltage analysis and net meter and defective meter analysis. They also highlight critical success factors and lessons learned from these experiences.

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