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There are more than 50 types of transmission lines in use, with even more in the R&D stage. The goals are reductions in line loss and line faults and greater overall grid reliability and efficiency. An increasing number of transmission line applications incorporate high-temperature superconducting technologies. New types of composite conductors are being developed to retain their strength and be more resistant to degradation at high temperatures. What’s more, this sector is seeing some exciting new wide-area management systems (WAMS) and other applications built on top of data from synchrophasors. Some are even proposing an “air traffic control system” for the national grid. Keep up to date with changing transmission technologies by scrolling down.

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The 7 technologies that are revolutionizing the transmission grid

smart grid technology, transmission technoogy, smart grid, modern grid, electric utilities, transmission infrastructure, grid optimization
The U.S. transmission network is old. More than half of the country’s high voltage transmission lines have been in service for 25 years or longer. However, there are several new technologies that could help correct its inadequacies and enable it to meet 21st century demands. Click to learn about them.

The next big smart grid race? It starts at the end of the driveway (the distribution transformer)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, distribution transformers, smart meters, grid optimization, electric utilities
The smart grid initiative has so far mostly been taken up with smart meters, and AMI has been regarded as the tool to enable the beginnings of a smart grid. But what’s next? Guest author Brett Sargent points to the distribution transformer and explains why it’s the next big thing.

Why Europe badly needs a Super Grid (the U.S. too)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, super grids, Europe smart grid, policy and regulation, electric utilities
You’ve likely read about the possibility of a European Super Grid to solve the region’s energy security and other grid-related issues. Guest author Philippe Paelinck of Alstom takes a multi-faceted approach to explain what a super grid would mean and the challenges that need to be resolved for such a massive undertaking to succeed.

Transmission upgrades coming on strong: Michigan the latest with $90 million for ABB technology

Smart Grid, smart grid transmission, transmission projects
Maybe we're reading more into it than we should, but there seems to be a lot of money going into transmission projects across the U.S. right now. The latest: ABB's $90 million order from American Transmission Company to improve grid stability in Michigan. Click for more on this and some additional examples of how our aging, outmoded power grid is finally getting some much-needed attention.

Profile of control center paints picture of future

Smart grid, transmission and distribution, smart grid deployment, smart grid strategy, electric utilities
SGN Chief Analyst Jesse Berst shares a glimpse of a new state-of-the-art transmission control center, which he sees as a view into the future – and the future of distribution operations as well. Click inside to find out why.

Power restored after massive San Diego blackout, but questions remain

Smart grid, smart grid technologies, power outages, San Diego Gas & Electric, Arizona Public Service Company
While power has been restored after a massive blackout cut power to more than a million customers in the San Diego area and parts of Arizona Thursday afternoon, FERC, other federal and state agencies and the affected utilities are investigating the cause. Could smart grid technologies avert such disasters in the future? We think so.

Self-healing smart grids: Siemens and RuggedCom team up in Virginia

Smart grid, distribution automation, smart grid technology, Siemens, RuggedCom, electric utilities
Siemens Energy and RuggedCom have deployed an ultra-fast distribution automation feeder system to improve service reliability for the only hospital serving Virginia's eastern shore. The system offers an impressive array of detection and protection features. Read about them inside.

Smart transformer breakthrough – but will we be too slow to take advantage?

Smart Grid, Smart Grid Technologies, Smart Grid Research and Development, Transmission
Researchers at North Carolina State University have come up with a "smart transformer" that could be a key component in the smart grid transformation of our electrical system, even though it may be years before it's ready for grid-scale duty. Read the story for more, and to find out why SGN Chief Analyst Jesse Berst thinks the traditional approach may not be the right one for bringing technologies like this online.

Smart grid market forecasts: Latest numbers for smart meters, home energy management and T&D equipment

Smart Grid, smart grid markets, smart meters, home energy management, T&D equipment market
Three new studies paint a promising picture of smart grid growth in the next decade. Click to see what the research gurus predict for the T&D equipment, home energy management and smart meter markets.

ABB unveils platform for improved grid quality

ABB unveiled a new family of products at the 2011 Hanover
Fair in Germany that are designed to strengthen the power supply in electricity networks and industrial plants. As this video showcases, the PCS100 family is based on a low-voltage converter and advanced software. It can be adapted to a range of applications, from enabling wind parks to feed power into the grid at the appropriate frequency to connecting various energy storage technologies to the network.

ABB continues to buy its way into smart grid leadership

Ventyx, ABB, Smart Grid, Modern Grid, Smart Grid Deployment, Asset Management, Transmission, Electric Utilities, Grid Optimization
ABB will acquire specialist software provider Insert Key Solutions, a move intended to create a broad set of solutions for asset and work management, maintenance optimization and equipment reliability.

Smart grid technologies and renewables will drive investment in HVDC transmission

Smart Grid, transmission, HVDC transmission
To take full advantage of smart grid technologies and renewable energy will require expansion of the nation's transmission system and a new report from Pike Research says high-voltage DC transmission will be one of the most important high-growth sectors in this market.

Transmission is getting smarter with advanced power electronics

KEMA, transmission, transmission technologies, transmission and advanced power electronics
Transmission owners are already implementing advanced power electronics for a variety of applications. Now some are taking it a step further to strengthen their systems and account for variable power flows that result from wind and solar penetration. KEMA's Siri Varadan explains why there's never been a better time to investigate what advanced power electronics can achieve.

LineScout - the powerline inspection robot

Developed by Hydro-Quebec, LineScout is a high-performance robot that uses leading-edge inspection equipment and advanced maneuverability technology to complete detailed and comprehensive inspection of energized transmission lines. LineScout can navigate line obstacles such as spacer dampers, insulator connections, and aircraft warning indicators. Hydro-Quebec and BCTC received a 2010 Edison Award for their partnership on the field deployment and enhancement of LineScout.

S&P: A look at the dynamics shaping U.S. electric transmission companies

Standard & Poor's Associate Director Gabe Grosberg discusses the factors influencing the credit quality of U.S. electric transmission companies in this CreditMatters TV segment. He also provides S&P's outlook for the sector, which includes an increase in investment and competition.

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