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A smart water network – or smart grid for water – may be the Next Big Thing as communities around the world come to terms with water scarcity and the need for water conservation. As a key component of a smart water network, smart water meters integrated with sensing technologies give water utilities advanced tools for more efficiently measuring water consumption and providing water customers with data to help them monitor their water usage and reduce costs. Leak detection and identifying non-water revenue are also key benefits of smart water meters and a smart water network, as you'll learn by scrolling through this section.

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Is this what it will take to finally grow the smart water meter market?

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid pilots, smart water, smart water meters, water utilities
The smart water meter market is growing, but more slowly than expected. A new report from Statplan Energy says the market would grow more quickly with a shift in priorities: concentrate less on the residential sector and more on commercial smart water meters. Click to learn more about the benefits that approach could bring.

Utilities! Get off your backsides and start building smart water networks

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart water, smart water networks, energy efficiency, electric utilities
Several jurisdictions are considering extreme and expensive measures, like desalinization plants and canals, to conserve water even though a smart water network can reclaim 20% to 40% of water lost through leaks and theft. In recognition of World Water Day, Sensus offers several good reasons why smart water networks are such an effective solution for saving both water and energy.

Smart grid market research: a quick review

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid markets, metering, transmission, smart water, smart cities
There is a massive amount of smart grid market research out there on every conceivable topic. We’ve selected a sampling of the latest reports that should interest many of our readers. Click for a quick look at new research in the transmission, metering, smart cities and smart water markets.

Why smart grid and smart water are essential to a smart city

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart cities, smart water, strategy
Smart city initiatives are underway throughout the world, but many cities are unaware of the importance of energy and water infrastructure to their efforts. Guest authors Jim Anderson and Mark Leinmiller of Schneider Electric make an excellent case for why smart energy and smart water have a critical role and need to be part of the process.

An even dozen smart grid wins in Santa’s bag this week

smart grid, smart grid projects, smart grid technology, smart water, transmission, wind power, Siemens, ABB, Itron
It really is a mixed bag of smart grid wins with wind, water, transmission and other projects. And we’ve got the scoop on lots of awards and recognitions from the likes of Itron, The Bonneville Power Administration, Tollgrade Communications and Silicon Valley Power.

Smart grid markets: what they’re doing, where they’re heading

smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid markets, demand response, smart water, cybersecurity, smart grid investments, emerging countries
While not all smart grid markets are growing at impressive rates, many of them are. Read our selection of research reports on many key markets, what the professionals expect to see from them in the next few years and where the challenges are.

Smart water making gains beyond the U.S.

Smart grid, smart water, smart water initiatives, global business, markets and pricing
Smart water deployments have been making big strides in the U.S., but the technology is also taking hold elsewhere in the world. Neil Strother of Navigant Research explores smart water initiatives in Europe, Asia and other regions.

Europe begins smart water project rollouts

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart water, European Union, Spain smart water project
Yes, smart water is big in Europe, and possibly big enough that the region could be the first to reach the tipping point in the sector. A European Union initiative is beginning the first of many large smart water projects in Caceres, Spain. Get details on the project and its anticipated benefits inside.

Making the business case for smart water

Smart Grid, smart water, smart water market, smart water business case, smart grid technology
Smart water projects are no longer on the back burner as readers have likely seen reported in Smart Grid News and other sources. There is more and more evidence confirming both the need for water modernization and how economically compelling those projects can be. Click inside for details.

Wake-up time? Smart water market posts larger-than-expected growth

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart water, smart water market
The smart water market hasn’t exactly taken off like a rocket, but there are encouraging signs, including the larger-than-expected growth in smart water meter revenues. Click inside to find out why and how long that trend might continue.

Smart water emerges in New Mexico

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart water, smart grid strategy
Water system managers deal with serious challenges like old infrastructure and increasing demand. It’s certainly not easy, but one city is making it look that way. Neil Strother of Navigant Research takes a detailed look at Albuquerque, New Mexico’s strategy for leaping over the hurdles.

Is this the catalyst that will unleash the smart water market?

Smart grid, smart grid technologies, smart water, water utilities, smart water networks
We have been waiting for the smart water market to take off for the last several years. A big holdup is that water has been seriously undervalued. But a new company has taken on the mission of making the industry aware of emerging technologies and educating the public about the true value of one of our most precious resources.

Smart water: The 5 biggest pain points and how to address them

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart water, smart water networks, efficiency, water utilities, Sensus
How can water utilities deal with major issues like leaks, theft, the need to conserve resources and more without breaking the bank? Doug McCall of Sensus explains how a sustainable step-by-step strategy can help utilities with tight budgets successfully implement a smart water network. In other words, you don’t need to do it all at once.

Who's in smart grid wins this week? Let's take a look

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid projects, smart grid wins, metering, communications, smart water, mergers and acquisitions
There's a lot going on in this week's smart grid wins. Take note of some interesting projects, as well as a likely acquisition in the energy storage sector, and find out about the "Griddie" Awards for Excellence in Communications.

EPA water survey foolishly fails to consider smart water

Smart grid, smart grid technologies, smart water, US water infrastructure, EPA, Environmental Protection Agency
An EPA report says the United States needs to spend almost $400 billion on the country's water system to meet growing needs. But the agency seems to be saying the country should invest in traditional technologies rather than a smarter, more efficient and interconnected infrastructure.

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