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PG&E Advanced Metering Assessment Report Commissioned by the California PUC
In response to hundreds of consumer complaints about high electric bills occurring about the same time PG&E began rolling out smart meters, the California PUC commissioned the Structure Group to conduct an independent evaluation of the accuracy of the PG&E smart meters. This exhaustive report, an important read klsdfor industry stakeholders facing similar rollouts and consumer pressures, details the Structure Group's evaluation methodologies and findings.
Sep 3, 2010

Smart Grid News Updates

Smart Grid: The Tuesday Topic - Smart Grid News - Grid Modernization and the Smart Grid


Smart grid do over: Would you go about it the same way?

From fires in Philadelphia to firearms in Texas, smart meter associated flare-ups make the news weekly. And it makes us wonder: If you could turn back the clock and rethink the whole smart grid rollout, would you do it differently? And if so how? That's this week's topic in our discussion forum. Please join in.

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