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No surprise that the Meter Data Management (MDM) market is growing as smart meter rollouts increase and utilities are bombarded with unprecedented volumes of data that can be used to improve customer relationships, utility operations and business intelligence. The resources in this section will help you sort out the challenges and opportunities MDM provides.

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Smart Grid 101 - The smart grid’s new systems

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid 101, Mani Vadari, distribution operations, electric utilities
Smart grid pioneer and author Mani Vadari is back with a new installment explaining how, of all the changes brought about by the smart grid, the introduction of new systems in distribution operations has created the most impact.

Forbes: Utilities are dumb about smart grid data

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid data, analytics, MDM, electric utilities
The smart grid is giving utilities so much data they don’t know what to do with it all. Read commentary from industry experts on the challenges utilities face as they grapple with what one observer described as “terabytes of data.”

This week’s smart grid wins: Projects, new partnerships (and more)

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid projects, partnerships, MDM, distribution automation, energy storage, smart grid companies
This was a busy week for smart grid wins with projects in the U.S., Latin America and Africa. And this installment also includes interesting partnerships and a milestone.

The 5 best places to find value in your Big Data

Smart grid, analytics, Big Data, analytics trends, electric utilities
Utilities generally know of Big Data and the opportunities it offers. But most don’t know where or how to start taking advantage of its benefits. One of the most practical approaches? Learn from experts who have already done it. Click inside for details.

The secret to unlocking the value of meter data (Hint: a new kind of workflow)

Smart Grid, meter data, Elster meter data, Elster workflow solutions, electric utilities
As the smart grid evolves, it will bring changes we can't even envision today. But Elster's Michael Johnson argues one change we are guaranteed to see is a transformation of day-to-day operations and the rise of "super-user" employees. Read how meter data and new workflow solutions will make it all happen. And how you can get started down this path easily and safely.

How to cash in on smart meters for smarter outage management

Smart Grid, Elster advanced metering infrastructure, Elster utility workflow solutions, meter data, smarter data management, AMI, Smart Meters, Electric Utilities
Utilities once relied on customer calls to learn about power outages - and guesswork to find them. Today's outage management, volt-VAR and other DA technologies have vastly improved that scenario. But it can be even better. Read why Elster's Michael Johnson says they represent only one small step toward the better future that awaits utilities and their customers - and what utilities need to do to capitalize on tomorrow's possibilities.

The 'social building:' using social media to save energy

Smart grid, smart grid technology, energy efficiency, data analytics, smart meters, smart grid communications
It may seem like an odd fit, but social media-style applications are being developed to improve flow and accessibility to the data building facilities managers and operators need to take advantage of windows of opportunity for energy efficiency improvements. Conway Irwin of Breaking Energy explains.

Itron MDM upgrade illustrates a "modular" approach to smart grid analytics

Smart Grid, smart grid analytics, meter data management, Itron MDM
Virtually every utility with AMI is now studying how to pull insights from the data that is pouring in. But rather than custom building solutions, today many utilities want pre-packaged options. Click for details on Itron's latest MDM offering that includes pre-built analytics modules.

Interval data: the key to unlocking $130 billion per year in smart grid savings

smart meters, interval usage data, smart meter data, chris king interval usage data, chris king Siemens, smart grid, smart grid savings
The importance of interval usage data for the power industry is a story that needs to be told... again and again. You'll see why after reading today's guest column by Chris King of Siemens. He lists five compelling ways interval usage data for every customer can help utilities achieve maximum benefits from smart meter investments.

GE's smart grid next steps: Analytics solution defines a new direction

Smart grid, smart grid technology, GE, data analytics, meter data, outage management, renewable energy, electric utilities, GE smart grid strategy
GE has been a top supplier of grid hardware for years, but is making a notable move into smart grid software with its Grid IQ Insight analytics offering. We take a good look at what it does, how it works and what utilities should know about its features and custom-built solutions.

The Next 10 Years: Making the most of all that data

Smart grid, smart grid technologies, data management, data analytics, distributed intelligence, electric utilities, water utilities
All that data coming from smart meters and other sources had some worried it might be unmanageable. That is, until utilities realized analytics software and a new way of thinking about data could bring useful, valuable business intelligence. In the latest installment of our look at the smart grid's next 10 years, industry pros explain what needs to happen to take full advantage of data.

Slow but sure department: Army plans to have smart meters everywhere

smart meters, army smart meters, army meter data management system, army MDMS, smart grid
In 2008, the Army Corps of Engineers authorized a five-year contract for a meter data management system (MDMS) for the entire army - electric, water, gas and steam. Now the Corps is expanding to install more meters to feed data into that MDMS.

Smart grid data: Should the U.S. be more like Europe (think centralized)

smart grid, smart grid data, smart meters, smart meter data, centralized data company, green button program,
The UK parliament is about to consider creating a data communications company that will centralize all the consumption data from the country's electricity and gas meters. Gas and electricity suppliers would be required to use the company to communicate with residential smart meters. Good idea? Bad idea? Discuss it in our Tuesday Topic forum.

Smart grid wins: See who's buying (and selling) this week

Smart Grid, smart grid wins, smart grid winners, smart grid awards, smart grid companies
What are utilities buying - and who are they buying it from? Our weekly glance into the smart grid marketplace highlights a wide-ranging smart grid shopping list that includes smart meters in Hungary and MDM software in New Mexico. We've also got Frost & Sullivan's APAC best practices winners.

Smart grid Big Data: Survey confirms utility opportunities, but spots blunders as well

Smart Grid, smart grid big data, utility data, utility big data, Oracle big data, Oracle data
A new survey commissioned by Oracle Utilities confirms what we've all been thinking about the daily data deluge now engulfing utilities. Dig a little deeper, however, and you'll discover some fresh insights - including one important way to use data that many utilities are overlooking.

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