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Home-area networks (HANs) and the sense of empowerment they can give individuals over their electricty consumption will help drive consumer Smart Grid acceptance. Use this section to stay current on this important topic.

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Home energy management systems get another chance (in Massachusetts)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, home energy management, CEIVA, National Grid, smart grid research and development, Worcester, MA
While home energy management devices are nowhere near as popular as we expected them to be years ago, National Grid is going to make a go of it with CEIVA at its smart grid test bed project in Worcester, Massachusetts. Click to learn more about the project.

Smart grid advice from SMUD (Home gateways? Really?)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, home area networks, home gateways, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, electric utilities
Several utilities have walked away from home gateways, turned off by the expense and what they saw as minimal advantages. But according to the head of smart grid project management for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, they do have benefits – for both utilities and their customers.

5 companies that plan to put utilities out of business

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart homes, home energy management, smart grid trends, electric utilities
Several major companies with ambitions to branch out into other markets (like Google, Comcast and AT&T) are snaring utility revenue with their home energy management offerings. As you read about the five examples in the story, keep in mind that there are many, many smaller companies with the same game plan.

What the race to control the home means to utilities (it ain't pretty)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, home automation, home energy management, smart homes, electric utilities
Several of the largest technology companies are jumping into the home automation market, and all are determined to come out on top. Why should utilities care? Because each of them will include home energy management features in their offerings, and will be exploring partnerships that open the door for them to push new energy services… and cut utilities out of the picture.

Why it may soon be easier to connect meters back to the utility (a new standard)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid standards, Zigbee, Zigbee Alliance, neighborhood area networks, home area networks, smart meters, electric utilities
While Zigbee is a top standard for linking smart meters to home area networks and from that point to in-home energy monitors, no single standard for connecting the meter back to the utility has been available. Now the Zigbee Alliance is working with a team of smart grid vendors to meet that need. Read the story for details.

Revisiting the 10 top home energy trends for 2013

smart grid, smart grid technology, home energy management, smart grid trends
About a year ago, guest author Louis Szablya shared his predictions for the 10 most important home energy developments we could expect to see in 2013. Now, he’s back with a report card on how he fared with those predictions.

What’s to come: the IoT’s role in smart grid evolution

smart grid, smart grid technology, Internet of Things, IoT, smart homes
Guest author Kristopher Ardis of Maxim Integrated has covered a lot of ground in his series Silicon, Security, the Internet of Things and the Smart Grid. In this final installment, he takes on two possible smart grid IoT implementation scenarios we may see in the near future.

How to help customers understand smart meters, home area networks

Smart grid, smart grid technology, consumer engagement, consumer education and communication, electric utilities
Smart grid technologies for the home, specifically smart meters and home area networks, have been slow to catch on, and a recent article from the National Electrical Contractors Association places most of the blame on lack of education. But the article also provides a solution: introductory information utilities can use to let customers know what the technologies are, how they work and maybe get them on board.

Yet another reason to encourage energy efficiency?

Smart grid, energy efficiency, energy conservation, energy-efficient homes, policy and regulation
Do energy-efficient homes really make a difference? A new study says yes. It tied energy-efficient homes with mortgage default rates and came up with what seems like a common sense but possibly surprising conclusion. It might be worth passing along to your customers.

Smart grid standards: ZigBee salutes the IPv6 flag

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid interoperability, standards, ZigBee Alliance, home area networks
The ZigBee Alliance has released its third ZigBee IP specification, which it says is the first open standard for an IPv6-based full wireless mesh networking solution and offers seamless Internet connections for controlling low-cost, low-power devices.

Wow. Is there finally a real competitor to Wi-Fi for the home?

standards, home networking standard, standard, W-Fi competitor for the home, home energy management
Utility professionals who deal with home energy management may want to pay attention to the standard, which allows very-high-speed networking over home power lines. The Smart Grid Interoperability Panel just accepted it into its Catalog of Standards.

What's new? See the latest releases from Tendril, Cooper Power and others

Smart Grid, smart grid solutions, smart grid products, smart grid companies
There's more news on the solutions front, like Tendril's updated home energy management suite that can support customers who are NOT connected to a smart meter or AMR/AMI network. And how about the new future-prepped substation program from POWER Engineers? Click for details on these plus the latest smart grid releases from On-Ramp, Cooper Power Systems and CEIVA Energy.

ClipperCreek, Smartenit: connecting EV chargers to smart meters

Smart grid, smart grid technologies, EVs, electric vehicles, EV charging, smart charging, smart meters, home area networks
A collaborative effort from EV charging station provider ClipperCreek and ZigBee product maker Smartenit has resulted in what they say is the first commercially available charger that can be connected to smart meters in a home area network. A pilot deployment is expected to be completed within the next six months.

CES: Not just electronic entertainment - smart grid technology is there too

Smart grid, smart grid technology, EVs, plug-in EVs, home energy management, smart homes, home automation, Consumer Electronics Show
Sort through all the new gadgetry at this week's Consumer Electronics Show and you'll find a wealth of smart grid technologies on display. We take a peek at a few in the home energy management and EV space.

Global Smart Grid Home Area Network Market 2011-2015

TechNavio's research report, Global Smart Grid Home Area Network Market 2011-2015, is based on a market analysis involving industry experts. The report available from Research and Markets, covers the Americas, the EMEA and APAC regions. It also covers the global smart grid HAN market landscape and its growth prospects.

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