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Demand Response (DR) technologies allow utilities to talk to devices inside the customer premise. They include such things as load control devices, smart thermostats and home energy consoles. They are essential to allow customers to reduce or shift their power use during peak demand periods. Demand response solutions play a key role in several areas: pricing, emergency response, grid reliability, infrastructure planning and design, operations, and deferral.

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A quick global look at smart grid wins

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid companies, vendors, smart grid projects
This week’s collection of smart grid project and development news is a good example of how global the smart grid initiative really is. Read about EnerNOC’s Switzerland project, ABB’s transmission win in the UK, Cyan’s partnership to open up the Sub-Saharan African market and more stories.

How to keep customers cool when it’s hot outside (and an idea you may have forgotten)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid tecnology, transmission, demand response, electric utilities
In areas where summer weather turns hot and often stays that way for days, the electric grid can take a beating. What options do utilities have when their customers come home and turn on all those air conditioners? Guest author Dave Bryant has some ideas and he’s not talking about new generation or more transmission lines.

When bad rates happen to good utilities (like SDG&E)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, electricity rates, rate structures, energy efficiency, customer engagement, electric utilities
Something’s wrong with California’s electricity rate structure, SDG&E’s Jim Avery says. The two-tiered rate plan gives low rates to customers who use less power and higher rates to those who use a lot. Unfortunately, he says, that concept is out of date… and encourages customers to do what it never intended.

Smart grid market research: Renewables, smart cities, demand response and more

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, markets and pricing, renewable energy, home automation, demand response
Our smart grid market research roundup is heavy on renewables this time around, but it also includes news on markets for global smart cities, home automation and demand response. Click for details on how those sectors are performing and forecasts for the future.

The existential threat to demand response

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, demand response, policy and regulation
A recent court order that said FERC exceeded its authority in setting compensation for demand response providers affects no more than a small fraction of the total market. But as guest author Mike Gordon points out, the court’s decision could hamper FERC’s ability to regulate DR markets more broadly in the future.

Demand response backlash? Court deals blow to FERC and other DR friends

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, demand response, policy and regulation, FERC
Demand response supporters were badly shaken by a recent court decision. A FERC rule requiring that power users who cut demand were to be paid the same as providers who increased supply was struck down by a U.S. appeals court. Click to learn more about the decision and read some of the reactions.

Proof that demand response is all grown up now

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, demand response, DR, DR applications, electric utilities
Demand response has become a critical part of the smart grid initiative, and appears to be coming into its own. Guest contributor Phil Davis offers a status report on today’s DR and how and where its applications have expanded. Along the way, he dispels common misconceptions and addresses the next steps in enabling integrated DR.

Want real-time demand response? Look to commercial and industrial SCADA

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, demand response, commercial and indusrial commercial loads, SCADA
Guest contributor Adam Todorski of Demansys makes the case that the technology and opportunities are available today to connect the elements needed for commercial and industrial loads to take part in real-time demand response programs, and to successfully predict and manage them. He explains why inside.

Take a look: new smart grid technology products that just might interest you

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid products, smart grid software, smart grid vendors, smart grid markets
The vendors and developers that provide smart grid hardware and software are constantly tweaking and enhancing existing products or creating new ones to meet current needs. Click for a sampling of some of those new and enhanced products. It’s quite a variety, from demand response apps to high-speed wireless networking solutions.

Five best practices to engage customers for residential demand response (from a DR pioneer)

smart grid, modern grid, demand response, residential demand response, consumer engagement, electric utilities, Comverge
When residential demand response programs were first launched, the conventional thinking was the most important issue was technology. Turns out, as most of us learned, the toughest part is customer engagement. Comverge CEO R. Blake Young shares five key areas for driving high customer engagement and participation in DR programs.

Why California's demand response programs are failing (and how to fix them)

smart grid, modern grid, demand response, California demand response, DR, policy and regulation, electric utilities
California’s demand response programs haven’t been a success story. And utilities had underperformed in their efforts to meet peak demand reduction goals, according to a state energy commission report, possibly opening the door to third-party aggregators. While there are changes that could be made to boost utility performance, it’s unfortunate they aren’t likely to come soon.

Smart grid project wins… and an opportunity from BPA

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, metering, communications, transmission, demand response, electric utilities, smart grid vendors
Take a few minutes to read about an array of projects, from transmission and metering to demand response and powerline communications in our smart grid wins roundup. You might also be interested in the Bonneville Power Administration’s call for partners to help develop technologies to improve the Northwest electric power system.

In San Antonio, automated demand response grabs the spotlight

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, demand response, automated demand response, ADR, Navigant Research, webinars, electric utilities
Automated demand response (ADR) has attracted a lot of buzz and smart grid companies are jumping on the bandwagon one after another. Read the story to learn more about the growing market and to sign up for the Navigant Research Automated Demand Response webinar scheduled for Tuesday, March 11.

Utilities: Time to get ready for the smart buildings wave

smart grid, smart grid technology, smart buildings, demand response, smart grid investments, smart grid trends, electric utilities
Smart buildings and the concept of connecting them to the smart grid for load control and demand response have both been around for a while. But now building owners see the possibility of new revenue streams from demand response and other smart grid technologies… and they will be expecting their local utility to have the programs they want.

It’s Day Two: Get the latest news from DistribuTECH

smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid companies, DistribuTECH, smart grid vendors
There’s more news from day two of DistribuTECH. Read the latest from Sentient Energy, EnerNOC, GE Digital Energy and more. And check out the two prestigious utility industry awards won by Florida Power & Light.

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