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Clean, green, renewable energy is one of the biggest drivers of the Smart Grid. Put simply, the world cannot meet its renewable energy goals without an intelligent, interconnected grid. This section will help you find the latest research and reports on key issues such as interconnection, integration, intermittency (and how to handle it), and growth projections.

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The future of energy storage in Europe. (Subsidies? A boom in Germany?)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, renewable energy, energy storage, Europe, policy and regulation, electric utilities
A European conference revealed a growing interest in energy storage for several reasons, including to help boost the adoption of solar power, and new regulations to make energy storage less difficult and expensive. And it also indicated that some observers in the region expect an energy storage boom in Germany.

Smart grid wins: a first for Tollgrade, a multi-million dollar deal for Pulse Energy

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technologies, smart grid companies, smart grid wins
It’s been a huge week for several smart grid companies. Read about an array of projects and developments, including a first in the sensor market, a merger, a multi-million dollar contract and other news from several smart grid sectors.

Goldman agrees -- solar will soon dominate electric power

smart grid, modern grid, solar power, rooftop solar, markets and pricing, electric utilities
The cost of solar power installations and energy storage batteries are going to fall, and keep falling, according to cleantech analysts from Goldman. That of course is another ‘yes’ vote supporting other predictions that solar will soon rule the electricity sector.

Nanogrids are sneaking up fast. Has your utility figured out its strategy?

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, nanogrids, smart buildings, microgrids, distributed generation
“Nano” technologies are on the way and recent research forecasts that one of them, nanogrids, is on the verge of a growth spurt. Click for details on why nanogrids will be so important, their impact and the possible challenges they represent.

Scientific American: Utilities are conducting a "propaganda war" against solar

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, rooftop solar, solar power, renewable energy, electric utilities
There’s no shortage of news about conflicts between the rooftop solar industry and electric utilities. According to a recent Scientific American article, the rooftop solar industry and utilities are at war… and predicts utilities are losing. Click for details.

Ouch! Minnesota's net metering formula may distress utilities

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, renewable energy, solar power, rooftop solar, net metering, policy and regulation, electric utilities
Minnesota’s effort to develop a fair way to determine the value of solar energy with a new net metering formula may not sit all that well with utilities, particularly if they were expecting it to increase the worth of their grid services. Click for details on the state’s new formula and what the outcome could be.

New inverters make it more cost-effective to combine solar and storage

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, renewable energy, solar power, energy storage, electric utilities
We recently reported that the cost of grid-scale battery technology is expected to fall. And there’s more good news for both utilities and the solar industry: significant strides have been made in improving the cost-efficiency of solar installations with smart battery management technologies capable of balancing grid power and battery power.

Ensuring that net metering remains a win-win-win

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, distributed generation and renewables, solar power, solar industry, electric utilities, net metering
The net metering debate is far from over and the us against them mentality is still very apparent. However, the belief that stakeholders can come to a practical agreement is becoming more widespread. Guest author Brian F. Keane explains why it’s critical for the electric and solar industries to do just that… work it out.

Even RMI agrees that grid defection doesn't make sense

smart grid, modern grid, renewables, solar power, rooftop solar, grid parity, Rocky Mountain Institute, utility business model, electric utilities
Grid defection, the concept that electric utility customers will take it upon themselves to provide their own power and abandon the electric grid, has been a hot topic within both the solar and utility industries. While the Rocky Mountain Institute, a renewables and efficiency advocacy organization, released a report recently saying utilities are on their last legs, it has now come out with a blog post suggesting that grid defection is a bad idea. Click to learn more.

What utility execs are REALLY worried about (not cybersecurity, even if it should be)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid trends, utility challenges, policy and regulation, distributed generation, electric utilities
It’s not that utilities don’t care about cybersecurity, but they do have other more pressing issues to worry about, according to a State of the Electric Utility report. Click to find out what issues and challenges concern utility professionals most, and where they see major opportunities.

Why utilities will soon be obsolete in HI and CA (and then in your state)

smart grid, modern grid, grid modernization, electric utility obsolescence, smart grid trends, rooftop solar, smart grid strategy, policy and regulation
The electric grid may become optional in some parts of the United States because of three converging trends, says a recently released report. But the much talked about utility “death spiral” could be deferred, and there are ways utilities could latch onto a competitive edge. Click to find out how and why.

The Next Next Thing: Dealing with distributed generation and rooftop solar

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid trends, Next Next Thing, distributed generation, rooftop solar, smart grid companies
Distributed generation and rooftop solar have been two very controversial issues in the electric utility industry. Controversial because of their impact on traditional utility business models, renewable energy integration and more. Would resolving those issues have a significant impact on the smart grid and electric utilities? That’s the topic of this installment in our Next Next Thing article series.

Utilities: Getting environmentalists on your side in the net metering struggle

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, net metering, rooftop solar, markets and pricing, strategy, electric utilities
The controversy over net metering has been described variously as a “war” or a “battlefield” with rooftop solar companies and supporters on one side and electric utilities on the other. Clean energy and energy efficiency advocate Brian Keene explains why it’s critical for rooftop solar’s continued success that the two sides come together and work as partners… and that everybody wins.

Disruption ahead! Nanogeneration and nanogrids could change everything

smart grid, smart grid technology, nanogeneration, nanogrids, renewable energy, smart grid trends, disruptive technologies, electric utilities
If you’re getting tired of constant disruptive change in our industry, we don’t want to be the bearers of bad tidings… but there’s more to come. Click to read about new concepts for power generation and power distribution that could dramatically change our future.

Modeling, Analysis and Design of Renewable Energy Nanogrid Systems

This thesis addresses electronic power distribution systems for residential applications. Presented are both, renewable energy ac-nanogrid system along with the vehicle-to-grid technology implementation, and envisioned structure and operation of dc-nanogrid addressing all system components chosen as an inherent part of the future electrical architecture.

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