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An integrated, two-way communications and networking platform is essential to the Smart Grid. The space is getting crowded as vendors see the handwriting (and stimulus money) on the wall. Those competing include major players in the wireless, cellular, and networking worlds. As you’ll read in this section, some vendors are partnering up to fuse complementary technologies that offer a bigger piece of the total solution.

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A low-cost way to make grid communications more resilient: traffic duplication

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid communications, traffic duplication, legacy equipment, smart grid strategy, electric utilities
As it is in other areas of the smart grid sector, the chore of supporting legacy equipment while making the transition to next-generation communications is a difficult one. Motty Anavi explains how utilities can not only continue to use their legacy equipment as they migrate to newer technology, but also improve resiliency.

It will soon be easier to mix and match wireless and powerline communications

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid communications, smart grid standards, wireless communications, powerline communications, HomePlug Alliance, Wi-SUN Alliance, electric utilities
Hybrid networks with both powerline and wireless communications are inevitable, and two major standards organizations are working toward a solution to make that coexistence easier to manage. Read the story to find out what the HomePlug and Wi-SUN alliances are doing to make it happen.

The 5 issues forcing utilities to future-proof their mobile networks

smart grid, modern grid, mobile workforce, mobile workforce management, electric utilities
As utilities shift to a more de-centralized and distributed workforce, communications with field workers become more critical. Guest author Lee Johnson outlines the changes the shift has created and why it’s so important for utilities to future-proof their mobile networks to accommodate and keep pace with them.

Smart grid security: Are wireless networks our weakest link?

smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid security, cybersecurity, wireless networks, communications, electric utilities
Wireless networks have been identified as the grid’s weakest link. We’re not so sure that’s the case, but wanted to share why researchers reached that conclusion. Here’s a clue: it’s not so much the networks themselves as it is the people running them.

Smart Grid 101: the Internet of Things and the smart grid (Part 1)

Smart grid, smart grid technology, Internet of Things, IoT, smart grid strategy
Smart grid is frequently thought of as the first and largest example of the Internet of Things. Kristopher Ardis, Executive Director of Maxim Integrated, launches a four-part series with his thoughtful piece on smart grid and the fantasies and realities of the Internet of Things.

3D interoperability: Why utilities should make the leap and reap the benefits

Smart Grid, Elster smart grid, smart grid interoperability, smart grid communications, 3d interoperability for smart grid, Electric Utilities
When 2D interoperability among hardware, communications and applications transforms into 3D interoperability, the enhancements to reliability, security, safety and flexibility can be dramatic (and significant) for utilities. That's according to Elster Solutions VP Pat Corrigan, who explains in today's guest column how system-wide technology transparency can also eliminate rippling upgrade costs. Don't miss it.

Three important new reasons utilities MUST engage customers

Smart grid, consumer engagement, customer care, smart grid stragegy, communications, electric utilities
If you think utilities are under a lot of pressure to step up their customer engagement game, you’re right. A new report from communications solutions firm iFactor identifies where all that prodding is coming from, and why improved customer engagement is good for both customers and utilities.

The AMI Communications Network: Where it’s headed and how to get there

Smart Grid, AMI communications, Elster smart grid, smart meters
The future of grid communications goes far beyond just meters or just distribution automation or just communications support for today's intelligent end devices. As Elster experts see it, in the not-too-distant future an integrated, robust, highly reliable network will support ALL these devices and applications and very likely some we haven't even thought of yet. Click for more on where AMI is headed.

Steal this idea: How a smart city can help pay for a smart grid

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid strategy, communications, electric utilities
The city of Chattanooga has been in the headlines before because of its very successful smart grid program. It’s also a very good example of how other utilities planning grid modernization could finance those projects – and give their customers a valuable bonus.

What's next after self-healing? How about a self-directed smart grid

Smart grid, smart grid technology, self-directed electric grids, smart grid trends, strategy, distribution automation
As if anyone needed further evidence that the smart grid is continually evolving, IEEE has reported on a proposal for self-controlled, semi-autonomous power systems. Click inside for a quick summary and the opportunity to learn more.

Smart grid futures: Should utilities provide broadband?

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid communications, electric utilities, broadband, WiFi
Ever wonder what happened to the debate over utilities providing broadband services? It's back. And it's time for utilities to get engaged or the decision just might be made for them.

Cisco ups the smart grid ante with new substation and security offerings

Smart grid, smart grid technology, communications, security, Cisco, electric utilities, smart grid strategy
Cisco announced two new offerings Monday, a security architecture and a substation solution. SGN Chief Analyst Jesse Berst shares some insights on what that means for Cisco, utilities and other communications providers.

Why Internet Protocol must be the foundation of grid modernization

smart grid, smart grid communications, smart grid communications technologies, IP-based communications, Ambient smart grid, Ambient Donald Pollock
As electric utilities weigh the pros and cons of communications technologies, choosing a common communications architecture for all applications can eliminate device duplication and increase capability. Ambient VP Donald Pollock argues in today's guest column that IP-based communication will become the norm because it provides that common architecture.

Survey: Getting utility customer service right isn't easy (or quick)

Smart grid, consumer engagement, customer engagement, electric utilities, utility customer engagement strategies, communications, smart meters, AMI
A BRIDGE Energy survey of more than 20,000 utility employees has some troubling findings. Even though most utilities get that they need to improve their customer service strategies, most are finding significant obstacles in the way. Click to see where the problem areas are.

How the Smart Grid Makes Restoration Faster and Easier for Utilities

During Hurricane Sandy, even utilities with only partially complete smart grid implementations improved and streamlined outage management. Smart grid technology gave utilities greater visibility into affected areas with two-way communications. As this Silver Spring Networks white paper details, with real-time insight, the smart grid automated key processes, easily locating and rerouting power around trouble spots, reducing unnecessary truck rolls and saving costs.

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