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The electric utility industry's aging workforce has been well documented as has the need to recruit new talent to work on grid modernization initiatives taking place around the world. Scroll down to learn about smart grid job trends, training programs and related workforce development resources for those interested in starting or advancing a career in the electric power industry.

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SGN Featured Training Partner: Modern Grid Solutions

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Looking for a deeper understanding of the smart grid? Subject matter experts at Modern Grid Solutions offer introductory smart grid courses online for electric utility personnel, utility executives as well as non-utility personnel and executives. Click for course descriptions and registration information.

Can't find good power engineers? Raise them from scratch

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid careers, smart grid education, electric utilities, smart grid vendors
As many grid suppliers and utilities have found out, good power engineers are in short supply. One solution that has been catching on for many suppliers and utilities is to develop a financial relationship with universities that have strong power engineering programs. Read the story to find out how it works.

DOE awards $1.4 million to train future synchrophasor engineers

synchrophasor training, DOE awards for synchrophasor training
Projects at seven colleges and universities around the U.S. will receive awards from the Department of Energy to better prepare the electricity industry workforce of the future in synchrophasor technology. Click for details on this new program and which schools will be involved.

GridSTAR project in Philly a hub for workforce training, testing, research

Smart Grid, GridSTAR project, Philadelphia smart grid workforce training hub, GridSTAR Net Zero Energy Demonstration Structure
The Navy Yard in Philadelphia will house what's described as a groundbreaking demonstration project for the smart grid and net zero energy buildings. Organizers say the GridSTAR Net Zero Energy Demonstration Structure will serve as a valuable hub for workforce training, building performance testing, energy management research and smart microgrid modernization deployments.

Clean job index puts the spotlight on solar

Smart Grid, smart grid jobs, clean jobs, renewable energy jobs, solar jobs, clean job index
The U.S. had nearly 750,000 clean job openings in the first quarter of 2013, according to a report from Denver-based Ecotech Institute, a college that trains students for solar, wind and renewable energy jobs. The Institute says more than 8,000 of those jobs were in solar. See where else the report found gains.

Scholarship alert: IEEE Power & Energy Society targets electrical engineering undergrads

power and energy engineers, engineering scholarships, IEEE electrical engineering scholarships
The IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) Scholarship Plus Initiative is helping prepare the next generation of power and energy engineers by awarding scholarships and career experience opportunities. June 30 is the deadline for the next round of scholarship applications.

Storm Soldiers

This film from Hubbell Power Systems explores the life and times of journeyman linemen, apprentices and their families. Their team has traveled all over North America documenting the stories of the lineman brotherhood.

$2.9B in smart grid investment yields $6.8B in economic output, DOE says

Smart grid, smart grid stimulus, smart grid investment grants, smart grid demonstration programs, smart grid employment
A new DOE analysis of the economic gains to date from the $2.9 billion in smart grid stimulus spending suggests it generated nearly $7 million in economic benefits and nearly 50,000 jobs. The DOE gives itself pretty high marks. Do you? Read the details and take our quick poll.

Smart grid hiring tips from a utility pro

Smart Grid, smart grid hiring, smart grid tech jobs, Glenn Steiger smart grid hiring
If you're wondering how you're going to find the smart grid talent you need to pull off a smart meter deployment or other major smart grid initiative, you'll want to see the advice former Glendale Water and Power GM Glenn Steiger shared in an interview with Smart Grid Careers.

Battery U expected to open this summer

energy storage, battery university
Battery technology, business and innovation classes will be offered on the San Jose State University campus. The "battery university" is a joint initiative by the school and CalCharge, an energy storage accelerator program.

Tomorrow's workforce: High school program "lights up" utilities' future

Smart Grid, smart grid jobs, utility jobs, graying utility workforce, utility workforce, EPCD high school program, Light Up Your Future program
The utility industry faces both a graying workforce and a younger future worker who associates utility jobs with climbing poles and flipping switches. Brynn Downing of the Energy Providers Coalition for Education explains a program that Northeast Utilities participated in to try to solve one part of that pipeline problem.

Youngster to utilities: Here's a better way to build a grid

Smart grid, smart grid strategy, smart grid workforce, recruitment and training, smart grid careers
As baby boomers in the electric power industry retire, finding and training their young replacements for smart grid and related cleantech jobs is an urgent mission for many companies. Those young recruits, unburdened by past experiences and long-held opinions about what works and what doesn't, may just have the innovation and abilities to create the energy future and competitiveness the country needs.

This year, give thanks to linemen suggests WSJ editorial (and we agree)

utility lineman, lineman
We'd like to second Wall Street Journal op-ed author Michael Devaney. The Southeast Missouri State professor of economics and finance wrote a column celebrating his father, for many years a lineman with Ameren Electric.

A training range for cybersecurity? Michigan's got one

Smart grid, smart grid technology, security, cybersecurity, smart grid strategy, smart grid training
It's sort of a gun range concept, only for cybersecurity. The Michigan Cyber Range is a testing, training and research facility with specific targets: among them infrastructure defense and education.

Smart grid jobs: So you really want to work in the electric power industry?

Smart Grid, smart grid jobs, smart grid careers, smart grid lineman job
With utility crews in the spotlight working both the front lines and behind the scenes to restore power to millions after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast, we thought it was a good time for another look at smart grid, utility and related clean energy careers.

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