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Smart grid hits and misses: a state by state close-up

Smart Grid, state smart grid toolkits, state stimulus money, state stimulus sites
Curious about smart grid projects in your state - or the state next door? We've just updated all 50 of our state smart grid toolkits. Each one is packed with energy-related projects, news and trends. You'll also find useful state-specific resources, including state energy agencies, utility and regulator listings, advocacy groups and incentive programs. Click inside to start your coast-to-coast tour.

7 lovable things electric utilities do

Electric Utilities, utilities, utility customer engagement, utility customer engagement programs, lovable things utilities do
From rebates and smart home makeovers to online games and electrifying theatrical performances, you may be as surprised as we were at some of the creative ways power companies are sending a little love to their customers and communities. Click for seven customer engagement ideas that may inspire you.

Why every utility MUST learn the word transactive

Smart grid, power grid management, transactive energy, grid management innovation, smart grid strategy, power generation and distribution, electric utilities
Power systems have traditionally been controlled through centralized management. But the time is coming when that will no longer be adequate to manage the generation and distribution of electric power in an increasingly complex and decentralized grid. The solution? A market-based approach called transactive energy.

Part 1: Meet our first 6 nominees for Smart Grid Companies to Watch this year

Smart Grid, smart grid companies, smart grid companies to watch, 13 smart grid companies to watch in 2013, 2013 smart grid companies to watch
We received so many thoughtful nominations for our Smart Grid Companies to Watch competition this year that we decided to switch things up. Instead of SGN editors making the first cut as we've done in the past, we're asking readers to do it. Starting now. Click for details.

Top 10 SGN stories of 2012 (some may surprise you)

Smart Grid, smart grid stories, top SGN smart grid stories 2012
Which smart grid stories got SGN readers clicking in 2012? We ran the numbers and came up with our top 10 most-read stories from the past 12 months. Click to see which smart grid company readers seem to be most interested in, which utility's actions made it our No. 2 story - and of course, which story was No. 1.

Sandy fallout: Utility exec resigns, NY governor demands answers, lawsuit filed

hurricane sandy, sandy power outages, sandy fallout, LIPA and National grid, Cuomo and Sandy, LIPA lawsuit
Hurricane Sandy continues to take a toll in the Northeast - long after the winds stopped blowing. Long Island Power Authority's chief operating officer has resigned over the criticism leveled at the utility for its slow restoration; New York's governor is demanding an investigation of the state's utilities and "dysfunctional" system, and a class action lawsuit is in the works.

Discovery Showcase: ABB claims breakthrough in DC transmission

Smart grid, smart grid transmission, grid optimization, high voltage direct current, ABB
ABB says it has solved a 100-year-old electrical engineering problem with the development of the world's first circuit breaker for high voltage direct current. The breaker breakthrough (we had to say it) sweeps away the long-standing roadblock to developing DC transmission grids.

Sandy victim: Smart grid sure worked for me

Smart Grid, smart grid and hurricane sandy, hurricane sandy
A residential PPL customer posted a note to tell us that for him, real time tracking and online reporting via texts and the utility's website, all enabled by smart meters, made all the difference in Hurricane Sandy. It got us to thinking that other victims from the front lines of the super storm might have similar tales to share.

Stuff utilities actually do (hint: you may want to steal these ideas)

Smart Grid, smart grid marketing, utility consumer marketing, smart grid consumer marketing
So often we focus on the tech side of the smart grid but today we're turning the tables and looking at six marketing tactics electric utilities are using to evangelize consumers on the benefits of energy efficiency, demand response, electric choice and related programs. Who knows, you may find an inspiration or two worth trying yourself.

Duke to customer: If you don't want a smart meter you can live in the dark

smart meters, Duke Energy smart meters, Cincinnati smart meters, smart meter opposition
A report out of Cincinnati tells of a woman who didn't want a smart meter on her home for health reasons - and she didn't get one. Instead, Duke Energy disconnected her from the grid. We're not sure why there's no opt-out in Ohio yet, but we've got to think there's a less draconian way to handle smart meter objections. Do you agree? We've got a quick poll on it.

Obama vs. Romney: Sizing up the electric industry's winners and losers

Smart Grid, smart grid and presidential campaign, Obama vs. Romney on energy issues, electrical industry winners and losers in presidential election
With the U.S. presidential campaign heating up, EnerNex VP Doug Houseman has done an analysis of the energy policies of both candidates. While he found details lacking, he's come up with an eye-opening list of winners and losers in the electric industry based on who voters choose in November.

Tres Amigas update (it's not good news for America's most important transmission project)

Tres Amigas, Tres Amigas interconnection, transmission
The Tres Amigas Superstation in eastern New Mexico is arguably the most important transmission project in the United States. But new roadblocks have arisen that throw its future in doubt.

India's massive power blackout: Could smart grids help?

Smart grid technologies, India power blackout, electric utilities, peak demand, policy and regulation
Now in its second day, India's massive power blackout has spread to all but six of the country's 28 states and has affected some 620 million people. Could smart grid technology prevent outages like India's or the recent storm-related outage that left one million people without power in Washington, D.C.? There's no shortage of opinions that it could.

Why demand response is the wrong idea (and how we should think instead)

Smart Grid, demand response, Warren Causey, electricity costs
Longtime utility industry observer Warren Causey argues we may be aiming at the wrong goals by seeking demand response and peak pricing. His suggestion? Make electricity so cheap that everyone can afford to use as much as they need, any time of day.

Texas woman pulls a gun to stop smart meter installation

smart meters, smart meters Texas, smart meter backlash, smart meters and gun
They're calling it a power struggle in Texas, where a Houston-area woman pulled out a handgun to prevent a utility worker from installing a smart meter on the side of her house. He didn't. The woman may have won the first round, but a CenterPoint Energy spokesperson told a local TV station that court action is likely.

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SunEdison to become world’s biggest renewables company with First Wind buy

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UK smart meter rollout stalled until late 2016

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