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A prominent player, Silver Spring Networks smart grid communications technologies are part of the glue that connects the pieces of an intelligent grid. Silver Spring's smart grid solutions include software, hardware and services - or basically a smart grid platform that enables utility networks to deploy a range of applications from demand response and smart metering to distribution automation. Silver Spring's smart grid ambitions were declared in July 2011 when the Silicon Valley startup announced a long-awaited IPO.

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Utilities: More evidence that smart grids are morphing into smart cities

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart cities, smart streetlights, smart grid trends, Silver Spring Networks, electric utilities
Silver Spring Networks showcased its successful multi-application, IPv6-based smart street light and smart city solutions recently. That’s not the entire story though. It also is a perfect reminder that utilities should be preparing for the added responsibilities they will have when cities that want to become smart cities ask them to pitch in.

Two smart meter pioneers who may be takeover targets (because of their patents)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, mergers and acquisitions, smart grid strategy, Itron, Silver Spring Networks
Mergers and acquisitions are nothing new in the smart grid sector, and equity analyst Louis Basenese expects the trend to continue. Why? Against the background of an aging electric grid, the big companies understand innovation is crucial and that cutting edge companies have it. Read on to learn why he believes two pioneering companies could be in their sights.

The next phase of the smart grid is... streetlights?

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart street lighting, smart grid companies, Silver Spring Networks
Silver Spring Networks isn’t the only smart grid heavyweight to expand its horizons, but it is certainly making serious moves to establish itself as a major figure in the Internet of Things. In addition to its venture in smart street lighting, the company is delving into several other sectors. Click to learn more.

Why smart streetlights are the gateway drug for smart grids (and smart cities)

smart grid, modern grid, smart cities, smart street lights, Silver Spring Networks, electric utilities
Cities throughout the world are jumping on the smart street lights bandwagon as a practical way to significantly cut their electric power expenses and save energy. But once that network is up and running, there are a lot more ways cities can take advantage of it for smart grid and smart cities applications.

Finally -- an app store for utilities (from Silver Spring Networks)

smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid strategy, apps for utilities, Silver Spring Networks, electric utilities
An app-store for utilities? A great idea but very challenging to develop. In a big departure from business as usual, Silver Spring Networks has launched its SilverLink Sensor Network… and it may have hurdled those challenges. Click for details on what the new offering is and what it does.

Silver Spring Networks expands role in the smart cities sector

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart cities, Silver Spring Networks, smart grid strategy
Silver Spring Networks has again expanded its presence in the smart cities space with its new Network-as-a-Service offering designed to help cities confront their most immediate challenges. Click to learn about those challenges and how SSN plans to help cities meet them.

Look to the smart grid for smart city lessons (Part 2)

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart cities, smart cities applications, smart city networks, Silver Spring Networks
In this second article in a series, Sterling Hughes of Silver Spring Networks continues his exploration of smart cities in terms of network applications and the importance of standards, infrastructure security, scalability and more. He covers a lot of ground in a very interesting read.

Silver Spring Networks strategy update: One platform to rule them all

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid companies, Silver Spring Networks, SSN
Silver Spring Networks has always been one of the most influential smart grid companies and an industry trail blazer. That’s why it’s definitely worth the time to follow what the company has planned and where it’s going next. Click inside for our story on SSN’s recent progress and what it means for electric utilities.

5 steps to a smart city: A brighter future begins with intelligent street lights

Smart grid, smart grid technologies, smart cities, Silver Spring Networks, street lighting, smart cities applications
Silver Spring Networks has taken a leading role in the emerging smart city market. For cities considering embarking on the smart city journey, SSN’s Sterling Hughes offers practical, experience-based recommendations on where and how to get started.

Smart grid wins: Some pretty big deals top this week's list

Smart Grid, smart grid wins, smart grid projects, smart grid deals, Landis+Gyr smart meters
Are you ready for some smart grid wins? We've got details on Landis+Gyr's whopping big win in the UK and Schneider Electric's score with the City of Boston. Click for details on those deals, plus the latest from EnerNOC, Silver Spring, Alstom, GRID2020, Itron and others too.

5 steps to a successful networked street lighting program

Smart grid, smart grid technology, Silver Spring Networks, efficiency, street lighting, smart cities, electric utilities
A city-wide street lighting upgrade can look like a daunting chore. But a new eBook from Silver Spring Networks provides a five-step approach designed not only to improve efficiency and save money, but to pave the way for integrating additional smart city applications by repeating the same processes.

A Brighter Future

By switching to networked LED street lights, a city can create a network canopy for its entire metro area and completely transform the way street-lighting functions. Smart cities that adopt this technology will improve efficiency, save money and create a better and brighter future for their citizens. This infographic from Silver Spring Networks provides an illustrated version of the concept.

5 Steps to a Smarter City

This eBook from Silver Spring Networks is a guide for developing a successful networked street light upgrade and describes how to optimize network platforms and repeat thise processes to easily integrate additional smart city applications. By following the five steps outlined in this eBook, readers can successfully build a unified network across their entire city to support a fully modernized LED street light system and drive those additional applications.

SSN to the rescue for muni and coop systems integration

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid systems integration, interoperability, Silver Spring Networks, SSN, municipal utilities, cooperatives
Silver Spring Networks has announced numerous efforts to help municipal and cooperative utilities make systems integration easier and deployment of smart grid technologies faster. Silver Spring is taking advantage of the MultiSpeak specification for interoperability to help those utilities reduce costs and time associated with complicated systems integration efforts.

Take a look at this week's smart grid wins and honors

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid projects, smart grid honors, distribution automation, home energy management, electric utilities
This week's smart grid wins feature projects from distribution automation to tools designed to help consumers conserve energy and new offerings for the public power industry. And don't forget to check out the winners of the Edison Electric Institute's 2013 Edison Award.

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