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A major player in smart metering, the Sensus smart grid imprint is felt around the world. In fact, the Raleigh, N.C.-based utility infrastructure company has operations and facilities on five continents. A key feature of the Sensus smart grid portfolio is its FlexNet AMI system for both electric and water utilities. But Sensus smart grid offerings also include technologies that help utilities in the operational efficiency and customer engagement arena.

In addition to advanced meter reading, Sensus smart grid applications include data acquisition, demand response, distribution automation, home area networking and outdoor lighting control. The company is also working with GE smart grid groups to manufacture and deliver electricity metering technology for the commercial and industrial sectors.

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Generation 4 smart meters: the latest evolution in Sensus technology

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, Sensus, smart meters, metering, smart grid companies
Sensus has unveiled a new contribution to smart grid technology: its new Generation 4 smart meters. As company president Randy Bays put it, the goal was to develop a meter capable of improving operational efficiency for customers, utilities and cities alike. Click to learn more about the new offering.

Smart grid derby: We're trotting out a lot of winners this week

Smart Grid, smart grid wins, smart grid companies, smart grid winners
Put on a hat and pour yourself a mint julep because it's post time for this week's smart grid derby. Our stable of winners includes Toshiba, selected to help TEPCO with its smart meter deployment, and Echelon, which has a gig in Zimbabwe. Click to see who else made the winners' circle this week.

Smart grid impact: 7 projects that could make a real difference

Smart Grid, smart grid projects, smart grid technologies, smart grid pilots, Schneider smart grid, Sensus smart water
How many different ways can smart grid and related technologies positively impact our world? You may be surprised. We've highlighted seven projects with the potential to make a difference in lives, livelihoods and/or the world at large - all in very different ways.

Smart grid wins: It doesn't get any better than this

Smart Grid, smart grid wins, smart grid winners, smart grid companies, smart grid deals, smart grid contracts, Schneider smart grid, Silver Spring Networks smart grid
It's not your garden-variety list of smart grid wins this week. We've got some interesting ones you don't see every day, from PG&E's new interval data analytics initiative to rollout of an app described as the "iTunes of smart grid." Click for these and more, including international wins for Silver Spring Networks, Opower and Schneider Electric.

12,000+ votes cast! Meet your 13 Smart Grid Companies to Watch

Smart Grid, smart grid companies, smart grid companies to watch, 2013 companies to watch
The finale was a wild one, with more than 12,000 votes cast. But we now have our 13 Smart Grid Companies to Watch in 2013 as nominated by and decided by Smart Grid News readers. Click to see if you think they got it right.

5 smart grid projects with intriguing possibilities

Smart Grid, smart grid pilots, smart grid projects, smart grid demonstrations
China's big utility is testing passive optical networking technology with a nod to capabilities that extend beyond grid reliability. It's one of five intriguing smart grid projects that recently caught our attention.

Part 2: Meet 6 more nominees for 2013 Smart Grid Companies to Watch

Smart Grid, smart grid companies, smart grid companies to watch, 2013 smart grid companies, Smart Grid News companies to watch
We're into Day 2 presenting this year's nominations for Smart Grid Companies to Watch, and we've got another interesting group of companies. Click to read the nominations and to vote on the company you think most deserves to make it into the next round.

Smart grid wins: Some industry stalwarts top the charts this week

Smart Grid, smart grid wins, smart grid winners, smart grid companies, smart grid projects
Two Florida utilities pick metering partners, TVA taps a new residential audit tool, PJM Interconnection picks a FERC Order 755 compliant solution and San Diego Zoo uses locally produced PV panels. Click to learn who all of these smart grid wins went to (plus details on seven more wins - including two companies with new financing rounds).

The next big pile of $$$? Think water, says Sensus

Smart grid, smart water networks, smart water solutions, water utilities, smart grid strategy
New research published by Sensus finds that smart water networks can save utilities globally up to $12.5 billion a year by helping reduce leakage and making other system improvements. The research outlines several ways utilities can achieve substantial savings and meet the growing demand for water.

Millions in smart grid wins - see which companies are cashing in this week

Smart Grid, smart grid projects, smart grid wins, smart grid financing, smart grid milestones
If you want to know who's raking in the wins in the smart grid space, you're just a click away from this week's list. We've got project wins from Georgia to Medicine Hat, Alberta - plus financing and M&A wins and a shout-out to a Silicon Valley solar company for its patent wins.

Cities are finding ways to save money – and water

smart water, smart water grid, smart water meters, leak detection, non-water revenue, leak detection, Sensus FlexNet
Clayton, Georgia is a small town that had a big non-revenue water problem attributed to leaks in its very old water system – made worse by high pressure levels needed to pump water throughout its mountainous service territory. Click for a look at how Clayton and three other communities are using smart water meters to save money and save water.

Smart metering market trends: Sensus adds to the ranks of "small power" solutions

Smart grid, smart meters, smart grid technology, markets and pricing, smart grid strategy, Sensus
While major deals with the big investor-owned utilities grab most of the headlines, the majority of the top vendors are targeting small to mid-size utilities, municipals and cooperatives. Now Sensus has taken a different approach with what it refers to as its "completely integrated suite" of utility enterprise software.

Smart grid communications wars: Sensus advantages lead to deal with Caribbean utility

Smart grid, smart grid deployment, AMI, communications, Sensus, electric utilities
Sensus is building a new AMI communications infrastructure for the Caribbean Utilities Company that serves Grand Cayman. SGN Chief Analyst Jesse Berst takes a look at the project and the advantages of the Sensus FlexNet system for this commercial and residential deployment.

Taking Measure of Advanced Water Metering Technologies

This Sensus white paper highlights recent advancements in water metrology that are bringing utilities metering solutions that will help capture more revenue, provide unprecedented business intelligence, reduce costs associated with owning and operating meters and protect natural water resources.

Smart grid show-and-tell: 7 projects that say 'look at me'

Smart Grid, smart grid projects, smart grid show-and-tell
We're now at a spot down the smart grid path where utilities are moving beyond the expected and taking next steps with advanced technologies - from the flywheel systems protecting Austin Energy's new control center to SAIC's Smart Grid as a Service supporting critical energy management systems in remote Alaskan villages. In our latest project roundup we're spotlighting these and five other smart grid projects we think you'll want to know about.

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