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The Obama Administration's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act invested billions of dollars in support of smart grid projects and R&D as well as energy efficiency, renewable energy development and electric vehicles. Scroll down to learn more about these awards and grants.

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Smart grid hits and misses: a state by state close-up

Smart Grid, state smart grid toolkits, state stimulus money, state stimulus sites
Curious about smart grid projects in your state - or the state next door? We've just updated all 50 of our state smart grid toolkits. Each one is packed with energy-related projects, news and trends. You'll also find useful state-specific resources, including state energy agencies, utility and regulator listings, advocacy groups and incentive programs. Click inside to start your coast-to-coast tour.

Ruston's successful smart grid, smart metering project… a smart grid case study

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid investment grants, smart grid projects, metering, grid optimization, electric utilities
The City of Ruston, Louisiana received $4.3 million in 2009’s Smart Grid Investment Grant round of funding for grid modernization. Click to read what the city did to greatly improve operations for its community-owned electric utility. The report documents the process from planning to completion.

Ruston Optimizes Smart Grid by Integrating AMI, MDMS, PrePay and Distribution Automation

This paper describes the steps undertaken by the city of Ruston, Louisiana and its electric utility to improve utility operations. The city received $4.3 million in Smart Grid Investment Grant funds for its smart grid program. The paper documents those efforts from planning through implementation.

Reality check: First-year report card for North America's largest energy storage project

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, energy storage, Duke Energy, wind power, electric utilities
Duke Energy has operated an advanced lead acid battery storage system at its Notrees, Texas wind farm for a year, and is now readying its first report for DOE. Click for some thoughts from a Duke official on the project and where the utility sees value in storage.

Where our $8 billion went. The latest update on Smart Grid Investment Grant progress

Smart grid, smart grid projets, smart grid funding, stimulus grants, Smart Grid Investment Grant program, DOE
Remember the Smart Grid Investment Grant program? A new report from DOE provides updates on project expenditures, technology and systems installations and more on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act-funded program.

5 smart grid demonstration projects for your watch list

Smart Grid, smart grid demonstrations, smart grid projects, integrating renewabes, quantum cryptography, Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project, South California Edison smart grid demonstration, Irvine demonstration project
Who knew something called quantum cryptography could play a role in protecting the grid from cyber thugs? A team at Los Alamos National Lab says they've demonstrated the concept successfully. Click for more on that, plus updates on smart grid demos focused on integrating renewables, assessing a transactive control system and bringing smart grid technologies into the real world.

Next Solyndra scandal? Audit criticizes smart grid stimulus program

Smart Grid, smart grid stimulus, smart grid demonstration program, smart grid demonstration program audit
A newly released audit from the Energy Department's Inspector General says millions of federal dollars slated for smart grid improvements were mismanaged. Click for details and to download the report.

Audit Report: DOE Smart Grid Demonstration Program

The Department of Energy's Inspector General conducted an audit of the $700 million Smart Grid Demonstration Program funded by the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This document contains the results of that audit, including concerns that DOE did not always manage the program effectively or efficiently.

Smart grid a giant conspiracy claims new report

Smart Grid, smart grid conspiracy, smart meters, smart meter benefits
An anti-smart-grid activist has written a new policy report that claims the stimulus funds set aside for smart meters were "misspent" and that Congress and ratepayers were deliberately misled about smart meter benefits. We've got a second report that provides a completely different perspective.

EV troubles mount: Better Place founder out as CEO; U.S. battery plants need work

electric vehicles, EVs, EV troubles Better Place EV charging, EV batteries, EV battery plants, U.S. battery factories, Shai Agassi
Further evidence of trouble in the EV world comes with the news that charismatic founder Shai Agassi is out as CEO at Better Place, which is "realigning." There's also a report that EV battery factories funded by stimulus dollars are sitting idle or operating well below capacity.

Time says Obama's smart grid plan is working "bit by digital bit"

Smart Grid, obama smart grid, smart grid stimulus, obama smart grid plan
Columnist Michael Grunwald tells the story of President Obama's smart grid ambitions in an article published in Time Magazine. Snafus aside, Grunwald concludes the billions invested are making a difference.

Glendale's heralded smart grid stimulus project hits a snag

Smart Grid, smart grid stimulus, Glendale Water & Power smart grid
The first city in the nation to receive smart grid funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is running out of money and time - with work still left to do. A report in the Glendale News-Press says the city's budget dramatically decreased funding in the final year of Glendale Water & Power's smart grid project, leading officials to ask the DOE for a deadline extension.

DOE-backed Abound Solar to shut down, file for bankruptcy

Smart grid, smart grid technology, renewables, solar industry, DOE loan guarantees, policy and regulation
Solar panel maker Abound Solar, which had received $70 million from DOE's loan guarantee program, will shut down next week and file for bankruptcy. In its announcement Thursday, the Energy Department said the substantial drop in solar panel prices left Abound unable to continue as a cost-competitive producer.

Is smart grid stimulus money doing what it was supposed to?

Smart Grid, smart grid stimulus, smart grid benefits, smart grid jobs
In a new report, research firm GlobalData found the lack of permanency in new smart grid jobs and the number of contracts awarded to non-U.S. companies could thwart the government's intended Recovery Act objectives. But analyst Sankar Gupta does see a silver lining.

Are utilities retreating from the smart grid front lines?

Smart Grid, smart grid projects, smart grid stimulus, utility smart grid
Many thought the stimulus money that went to smart grid projects would establish a firm basis for further progress. There would be enough real-life examples and lessons learned that other utilities could follow along with confidence. But lately we're hearing utilities are growing more cautious, not less. Are you seeing the same thing? That's this week's topic in our discussion forum. Please join in.

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