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A better way to charge EVs? Scientists devise "packet-based" approach

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, electric transportation, EVS, EV charging, R&D, electric utilities
Utilities have good reason to worry about EVs, as in what could happen to a distribution transformer when several neighbors plug their vehicles in to charge every evening at the same time? University of Vermont researchers have a new proposal to duck that problem by reducing the impact of simultaneous charging. Check out the story to find out what they have in mind.

Philadelphia's Navy Yard maps its energy future

Smart Grid, Alstom Grid, Navy Yard grid, Modern Grid, Smart Grid Deployment, AMI, Smart Meters, Power Grid, Smart Electric Grid, Electric Utilities,
With help from industry heavyweights such as Alstom Grid, Philadelphia's Navy Yard has a new energy master plan to take it into the future. Click to see what's next for the private electric grid – including its role as a testing ground for new technologies.

Smart grid wins: from AMI and Big Data to DR and more

smart grid, smart grid technology, demand response, smart grid communicaitons, AMI, smart meters, smart grid investments, smart grid vendors
This week’s smart grid wins roundup includes projects, financing and more from companies both familiar and not so familiar. Read about the new AMI and smart grid services project with Itron and Tantalus and other recent smart grid developments.

Innovation brings needed safety to large-format lithium-ion cells

smart grid, smart grid technology, energy storage, lithium-ion batteries
Steve Minnihan of Lux Research writes that the absence of a safety track record for lithium-ion batteries has been the only thing standing in the way of the technology’s broader adoption. He explains an innovation that just might solve that problem.

4 unusual (but intriguing) clean energy schemes: Turkeys or genius, you decide

clean energy, renewable energy, energy researchers, lithium-ion batteries, lithium-sulfur batteries, energy efficiency
Inventors often come up with ideas that seem pretty wacky at the time - but often end up making someone rich or famous and the rest of us thankful. Which brings us to our latest roundup of mind-bending ideas from clean energy labs. Who knows? Maybe a mutated virus can help build a better battery and human urine really will produce electricity.

Clemson U. unveils new energy systems research and testing center

smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid research and development, R&D, smart grid testing facilities
Clemson University has taken the wraps off an energy systems research and testing facility it bills as “one of a kind.” It includes an advanced wind turbine drivetrain testing facility, but it also will concentrate on smart grid and microgrid technologies, grid security and other areas.

This week’s smart grid winners: new projects, new partnerships

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid projects, R&D, analytics, energy storage, smart grid wins
Once again it’s a broad array of smart grid projects and accomplishments this week: energy storage, a strategic U.S.-Japan partnership, a new testing facility and pilot projects in the U.S. and China.

Smart Grid Projects in Europe: Lessons learned and current developments

This study is the 2012 update of an inventory carried out in 2011 focusing specifically on smart grid research, development and demonstration projects in Europe.

A mixed bag of smart grid wins: projects, milestones, collaborations

Smart grid, smart grid technology, metering, demand response, R&D, smart grid projects, honors and milestones, smart grid collaborations
From Texas to small villages in Pakistan and from metering systems to R&D, this week’s smart grid wins is a variety pack of projects, achievements and strategies. A little something for everyone.

Smart grid wins: 10 companies that hit it big

Smart grid, smart grid projects, global business, smart grid wins, smart grid vendors, key players
We’re well into summer, but that’s no reason to think smart grid companies are slowing down and kicking back. That’s easy to see in this week’s roundup of smart grid wins: projects, milestones, honors and new developments.

Smart Grid Research & Development Multi-Year Program Plan

The Smart Grid Research and Development (R&D) Program in the Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability is tasked with accelerating the deployment and integration of advanced communication, control and information technologies needed to modernize the nation’s electric delivery network. The comprehensive and rigorous R&D effort proposed in this Multi-Year Program Plan (MYPP) is foundational in advancing both the underlying science and the technology required to realize smart grid capabilities and benefits.

Smart grid integration just got easier thanks to new fed facility

Smart grid, smart grid technology, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, NREL, DOE, clean energy integration, smart grid testing
DOE and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory are tackling utility-scale clean energy integration with a new facility that includes experimental laboratories and several outdoor test beds. Researchers and manufacturers can test products at full power and actual grid levels. DOE says it's the only user facility of its kind in the country.

Why Scotland may be the smart grid's next center of gravity

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid R&D, Scotland smart grid deployment, transmission
Scotland has been extremely aggressive in its initiatives to develop a thoroughly optimized smart grid and as much renewable energy as possible. Now the country has its own world-class research center that will tackle transmission line loss and other challenging issues.

DOE: New battery design could help renewables power the grid

Smart Grid, flow battery, DOE research, renewables, renewables and power fluctuations
Researchers from a DOE lab and Stanford University have designed a low-cost, long-life flow battery that could enable solar and wind energy to become major suppliers to the electric grid. Click for details on what DOE is calling an important early result.

Kick in the pants time: IEA says smart grid and clean energy progress too slow

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid deployment, energy efficiency, smart grid srategy
That the smart grid has become broadly accepted is certainly a good thing. But it's not enough, says the executive director of the International Energy Agency. While there are bright spots, she says we aren't moving fast enough in areas like R&D or taking full advantage of readily available tools like energy efficiency. See if you agree.

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