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When cost-effective is not enough: Creative financing needed to bolster small-scale grid storage

energy storage, small scale grid storage, Lux Research energy storage, energy storage financing
Grid storage projects can carry high capital costs and as Brian Warshay of Lux Research notes, commercial and residential customers often have short tolerances for their expected ROI. His solution? Take a lesson from the solar industry where solar leases and securitization are considered the next big thing.

Talking the smart grid talk with AEP Ohio's Joe Hamrock

Smart Grid, smart grid talk, utility Q and A, Q and A with Joe Hamrock, smart grid talk with Joe Hamrock, Joe Hamrock AEP Ohio
We're kicking off our new Q&A series with utility executives and first up is Joe Hamrock, President and COO of AEP Ohio. Click for his candid thoughts on a wide range of smart grid topics - from his own utility's greatest successes and challenges to what the grid will look like 20 years from now. And don't miss the advice he says he'd give a young person contemplating a career in today's electric power industry.

India smart grid playbook: The race to the future

IBM, Smart Grid, India smart grid, India smart grid playbook
With its explosive growth, India is caught between the proverbial rock and hard place – an incredible demand for energy and not enough of it to go around. Smart grid initiatives, renewable energy projects and efficiency efforts are all on the horizon. But how long it will take is the issue for this country of 1.1 billion. Don't miss this latest in our series of smart grid playbooks.

Con Edison New York Profile

With roots dating back centuries, today Con Edison New York owns an aging infrastructure that struggles to handle the power surging through it. The utility has recently embarked on a major substation building effort in addition to its AMI commitment. It was also one of the early recipients of Smart Grid Recovery Act money.

Salt River Project Profile

Generally regarded as above average when compared to utility peers in its pace of technology adoption, Arizona's Salt River Project has been investing in technologies for over a decade - even before the term “Smart Grid” became widely used.

HP: Synergy with EDS Provides Promising Outlook

Hewlett-Packard's acquisition of EDS in 2008 is providing momentum and promise of future growth in utility outsourcing, metering services and other grid-related initiatives. But nonetheless, it faces powerful competition.

Schneider Electric: Seizing New Energy Opportunities

Schneider Electric has set ambitious strategic goals for the next three years, and wants to be champion of the new economies by 2011. Can this energy leader turn its brand into a household name?

Control4 and HANs: Big Market, Big Lead and Big Competition

The HAN market could be as large as $3 billion annually within the next three years. Salt Lake City-based Control4 has emerged as a leader with its compelling EMS-100 that offers enticements for both consumers and utilities. But the deep-pocketed tech giants won't give up this lucrative space without a fight. Read more about Control4 and its battle plan.

Grid Net: Banking on WiMax Acceptance

If WiMAX becomes the standard for Smart Grid systems, Grid Net could be sitting pretty. But does the company need a Plan B?

American Superconductor: A Wind Energy Superstar?

Can a company named for superconductors become a superstar in the wind industry? American Superconductor's power systems division is definitely moving in that direction.

Areva: Giant Footprints in the Energy Evolution

Areva has focused on building strategic partnering relationships, recognizing that utility relationships drive business its way. That may explain why this French company is third in global T&D sales.

BPL Global: A Nimble Firm with a Story to Tell

BPL Global is nimble, has smart people and a strong vision. But Jesse Berst says the company needs to start telling its story in North America.

Cisco: A Broad and Ambitious Smart Grid Vision

Cisco’s deep pockets and a strategy perfected in the ‘90s for buying expertise to round out development suggests Cisco’s status as big gorilla isn’t in danger as it wades deep into the Smart Grid.

GE: Playing Catch Up on Smart Grid

Despite its broad product line and technical excellence, GE has largely been regarded as a Smart Grid laggard. That's a perception it is now laboring mightily to change.

IBM: Big Blue Skies Ahead

IBM has been a leader in grid-related research, working with energy firms and utilities on Smart Grid technology for five years. That seems like a comfortable position to be in as stimulus dollars roll out in the U.S. and elsewhere.

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