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A grid guy's perspective on Cybersecurity Act testimony

Smart Grid, smart grid security, smart grid cybersecurity, cybersecurity legislation
Reviewing testimony on proposed cybersecurity legislation pending in Congress, security ace Andy Bochman zooms in on what James Lewis of CSIS had to say about our ability - or rather lack of - to measure and secure commercial critical infrastructure.

Smart meters and green buttons: Something even a mother-in-law could love?

green button program, energy usage data, utility green button programs, smart meters and green buttons, smart grid
We were taken by a fun (but also informative) blog post from eMeter's Chris King, who writes about the "Green Button" program that California utilities have implemented and how it's already a hit with his mother-in-law. Find out why.

New nukes rally!

nuclear power, nuclear reactors, thorium reactor
Carl Ford takes us back to the 1950s when thorium was understood to be a better, safer alternative than uranium for nuclear reactors. So why did the industry choose uranium?

Northeast snowstorm: A bad day for the buy side

power outage, electric vehicles, smart grid
An early victim of this weekend's Northeast snowstorm (and without a working fireplace), Carl Ford is looking at ways to gain some control when the power goes out. Click inside to see why he thinks an electric car may be the answer.

Energy efficiency in buildings (and why owners don't care)

energy effieciency, building energy efficiency, commercial building efficiency
You would think from reading the news coverage (including ours) on energy efficiency opportunities in commercial buildings that most everyone gets it and is on board. SGN News Editor Doug Peeples recently found out that's not necessarily the case. The reasons why may surprise you.

Silo-busting strategies emerge from smart grid security event

Smart Grid, smart grid security
Are there right ways and wrong ways to foster a security-conscious climate throughout an organization? Our smart grid security ace Andy Bochman has been listening to utility cybersecurity pros telling tales about what's worked – and not – for them. And he's reached a conclusion that could work for your utility. Details inside.

This week The Economist loves and hates the smart grid

Smart Grid, smart grid security, smart grid news
Smart grid security ace Andy Bochman takes on The Economist for its smart grid coverage. One day he says the esteemed publication is fanning the flames with scare tactics, the next it offers a sound defense of smart grid benefits. What gives? Click inside for Andy's take.

Dear Utility CEO: Could your service providers withstand these attacks?

Smart Grid, smart grid security, smart grid cyber security attacks
Cyber attackers extracted thousands of sensitive files from the defense department by targeting some of its service providers. That should be a wake-up call for utilities, suggests smart grid security expert Andy Bochman, who offers tips on how to determine if your providers' security policies are as good as they should be.

Smart grid cyber security: no pain, no gain

Smart Grid, smart grid security, smart grid cyber security
NERC will host a cybersecurity exercise dedicated to incident response in the North American electricity sector. Smart grid security ace Andy Bochman has the details you'll need.

Smart grid privacy (and more) may be coming soon

Smart Grid, smart grid privacy, California PUC smart grid privacy
The California PUC is moving toward formalizing privacy rules for its three big investor-owned utilities. Our smart grid security whiz Andy Bochman is rooting for them – and hopes the folks in California will too. Find out why.

Night Dragon attack targets energy sector

Google, Smart Grid, smart grid security, smart grid cyber security, Night Dragon, Night Dragon smart grid security, Andy Bochman smart grid security
Another round of cyber security attacks dubbed Night Dragon is targeting the energy sector. Night Dragon seems to have zeroed in on oil and gas companies, but smart grid security expert Andy Bochman says electric utilities should heed the warning just the same.

Fed's January report cards rough on smart grid security

Smart Grid, smart grid security, Andy Bochman smart grid security
The first federal grades of 2011 suggest room for improvement on the smart grid security front. Andy Bochman provides quick summaries of GAO and DOE reports issued last month and his somewhat sobering take-aways.

NERC CIPs: Latest updates on V.4 & 5 (and sympathy for folks building them)

Digesting the latest on NERC-CIP, our resident security expert Andy Bochman explains why he’s excited to track the Standards Development Team’s progress on the very ambitious V5.

EVs and charging: Newsy week puts the pedal to the metal

EVs, electric vehicles, EVs and charging
President Obama called for one million electric vehicles on U.S. roads by 2015. TVA and EPRI took the wraps off an EV charging station that can make and store electricity from sunlight. And Toyota announced that despite challenging market conditions, its hybrid sales were up 29% last year. It's been a newsy week on the electric car front – and that's just a slice of it.

FERC finalizes agenda for conference on smart grid interoperability standards

Smart Grid, smart grid standards, smart grid interoperability standards, smart grid security
Andy Bochman has a quick post to get the word out about an important FERC meeting on Jan. 31 to explore smart grid interoperability and security standards development past, present and future.

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