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The vision of a modernized electric grid didn’t happen overnight. Some of the industry’s brightest minds have been working together tirelessly to develop strategies and champion the cause long before the notion of a Smart Grid made its way into the mainstream.

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Want to design your own future? Consider collaborating with the GridWise Alliance

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, GridWise Alliance, utility business model, electric utilities
We’ve said it several times: utilities need to decide what role they want to play in the rapidly changing energy business environment. It’s a challenging proposition but not one utilities have to take on alone. The GridWise Alliance may be able to help.

Yet another smart grid group launches forum

Smart Grid, Smart Grid iX, smart grid association
The smart grid sector has gained a new association. SmartGridiX intends to create a clearinghouse and forum for developing viable business cases for Smart Grid 2.0. Noble intentions certainly, but do we really need another association?

Weekend reading: 4 articles you shouldn't miss

Smart Grid, smart grid reading, smart grid articles, smart grid developments, U.S. energy policy, women in clean tech
IEEE smart grid experts weigh in on what the grid's most important development will be this year. T. Boone Pickens writes about a free market approach that works for energy. Click for links to these articles and two others we think you'll find as interesting as we did.

SGIP names a former UN advisor as its first CEO

Smart Grid, smart grid interoperability panel, SGIP, SGIP CEO Patrick Gannon
Following its recent transition from a public-private partnership to a member-led, industry-based organization, the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel has named its first CEO. Click for details on the experience Patrick Gannon brings to the SGIP.

IEE wants to broker better bonds between utilities and smart grid companies

Smart Grid, smart grid companies, electric utilities, Institute of the Edison Foundation, IEE
The Institute of the Edison Foundation (IEE) has "re-launched" and plans to broaden its work with electric utilities, smart grid technology companies and regulators to advance new technologies for modernizing and optimizing the power grid.

Here we go again: RMI launches effort to accelerate grid transformation

Smart Grid, electric grid, transformation of the electric grid, Rocky Mountain Institute
Rocky Mountain Institute has gathered 30-plus industry stakeholders in a multi-year effort to accelerate transformation of the electric grid. We can't argue with the objective, but do we really need yet another splinter group chipping away at the challenges of a smarter grid?

New business group throws its weight behind innovative energy technologies

Smart grid technologies, smart grid policy, smart grid organizations, Advanced Energy Economy
A new network of state and regional business groups has formed to promote American innovative energy technologies. While a lot of the right words are being used – electric and plug-in hybrid EVs, energy efficient buildings and renewable energy – SGN Chief Analyst Jesse Berst wants to be sure smart grid is also part of the vocabulary. There's more inside.

Not attending GridWise Global Forum? GTM offering live broadcasts of smart grid leaders

Even if you aren’t able to attend this week’s GridWise Global Forum, you can catch some of the smart grid leaders in action. Greentech Media is broadcasting key sessions.

Federation Forms to Push Global Smart Grid Deployment

The newly formed Global Smart Grid Federation plans to link Smart Grid organizations around the world to encourage sharing of ideas and best practices to help accelerate Smart Grid deployments.

Metering Leaders Get Together on Interoperability Standards

Metering industry leaders are working to ensure interoperability between smart meters, smart home applications and the Smart Grid overall. Current members of the new IDIS Association include Itron, Landis+Gyr and Iskraemeco.

Zigbee, Wi-Fi Alliances Take the Open Road to HANs

The Zigbee® Alliance and Wi-Fi Alliance® have agreed to work together on wireless home area networks for the Smart Grid, with an initial focus on Zigbee Smart Energy 2.0.

New Coalition’s Mission: Drain the Transmission Planning Swamp

A new utility industry group has formed to push for fair, transparent regional Smart Grid transmission planning. Can't argue with the mission; we'll take a wait-and-see on how they go about it.

Smart Grid Standards Self-Test: Do It Now (Or Feel the Pain Later)

No one wants to invest heavily in the Betamax of Smart Grid architecture and watch while the rest of the industry settles on VHS. But it could happen if you don’t pay attention. Fortunately EPRI program manager and energy industry veteran Matt Wakefield is here with a self-assessment that can help you avoid technology obsolescence and standards pitfalls – before it’s too late.

Governing Board of Smart Grid Standards Panel Announces Officers

The Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced today that John D. McDonald, general manager of marketing for GE Energy’s transmission and distribution business and an IEEE Fellow, will serve as chair of the governing board of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel, the organization launched by NIST in November to sustain and coordinate development of interoperability standards for a modernized electric power grid.

GridWise® Alliance Urges Support for Unfunded Smart Grid Projects

The GridWise® Alliance, a Smart Grid advocacy coalition, has sent a letter to state regulatory commissions urging them to continue their support of Recovery Act Smart Grid proposals that were not funded by the Energy Department.

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