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Every major milestone in our nation's history has occurred because someone had a vision and the grit and determination to do something about it. The railroads, the telephones, the Internet - they all happened because of visionaries and believers. The same will be said of the Smart Grid.
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Strategic Asset Management: A Primer for Electric Utilities

utility asset management, utility strategic asset management, advanced analytics for utilities, UTILICASE strategic asset management, Strategic asset management eBook
Utilities are now getting much more data about their equipment via meters, sensors and other intelligent devices and seeing the benefits of software that can pull together all that information and make sense of it. As a result, strategic asset management is entering its next phase, which is the focus of our latest eBook developed with the experts at UTILICASE. Download the free eBook to learn how your utility can glean the benefits of advanced analytics to develop a more strategic asset care program.

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Electric power transmission toolkit

ABB, electric power transmission, electric power transmission system, electric power transmission infrastructure, smart grid electric power transmission, smart grid
How are we going to turn our frail and neglected electric power transmission system into a secure and reliable smart grid? It’s a critical and timely issue, which is why we’ve loaded this toolkit with some of the best analysis, most-promising trends and smartest research relating to next steps in electric power transmission.

Suggested smart grid resources

Smart Grid, smart grid resources, smart grid security blog, smart grid consumer collaborative, daily energy report
We suggest these resources when you're looking for further information on important smart grid topics.

Will GE cash in on its Alstom acquisition? Or repeat its old mistakes?

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, GE, Alstom Grid, acquisitions, strategy, electric utilities
GE’s acquisition of Alstom Grid was a surprise for many observers. But now the questions are bubbling up. The big question? Can GE break loose from its previous tendencies and work with its new acquisition to successfully integrate their product lines? There are significant opportunities for GE if it can.

Forget grid divorce. Native Americans are not getting married to the grid anyway

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, rural cooperatives, renewable energy, solar power, storage, customer care, Native Americans, electric utilities
For those of us able to take the electric grid for granted, it may be surprising to learn that many isolated communities and Native American reservations can’t or don’t care to connect. Read the story to learn how the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority is helping those customers rather than ignoring them.

Get our latest infographic: 20 questions to ask BEFORE you buy smart meters

Smart Grid, smart metering, Elster smart meters, buying smart meters, Modern Grid, Smart Grid Deployment, AMI, Smart Meters, Power Grid, Smart Electric Grid, Electric Utilities,
Most in the electric power industry would call it a foregone conclusion that utilities will move to smart metering. Obviously many already have. But how to choose the right smart meter isn't so obvious. Our latest infographic highlights 20 questions utilities should ask before buying smart meters. Click to get your copy.

Honeywell to build Army microgrid (and more smart grid project news)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid companies, smart grid projects, mergers and acquisitions, smart grid wins
Honeywell will build a microgrid for the U.S. Army at Fort Bragg, and Landis+Gyr will acquire GRIDiant Corporation. Those are only two examples of the big news stories readers will find in this week’s collection of smart grid wins.

To see the future of electric power, just travel to... Africa?!?

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, microgrids, GE, developing countries
A solar-based microgrid will be built to provide power for an island off Africa’s Equatorial Guinea. It’s an interesting story because it may be a preview of how some areas of the developing world will skip centralized electric grids altogether in favor of solar + storage systems.

One way to fix the electric industry talent crunch: teach kids engineering is “cool”

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, electric industry talent shortage, talent shortage, smart grid strategy, electric utilities, ABB
The electric power industry faces a serious talent shortage as more and more skilled professionals retire from the workforce. While some utilities and vendors have partnered with colleges to help ensure that talented replacements will be available, ABB has taken it a step further with its Kid Grid exhibit. Click to read more about it.

The next phase of the smart grid is... streetlights?

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart street lighting, smart grid companies, Silver Spring Networks
Silver Spring Networks isn’t the only smart grid heavyweight to expand its horizons, but it is certainly making serious moves to establish itself as a major figure in the Internet of Things. In addition to its venture in smart street lighting, the company is delving into several other sectors. Click to learn more.

Demand response backlash? Court deals blow to FERC and other DR friends

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, demand response, policy and regulation, FERC
Demand response supporters were badly shaken by a recent court decision. A FERC rule requiring that power users who cut demand were to be paid the same as providers who increased supply was struck down by a U.S. appeals court. Click to learn more about the decision and read some of the reactions.

Why and how to future-proof your smart grid communications

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid communications, grid optimization, electric utilities, Elster
Communications networks are critical elements of every smart grid project, and must be able to accommodate today’s and future demands. Ron Pate of Elster provides plenty of food for thought (and plenty of detail) in his thoughtful piece on the fresh approach network operators and vendors need to take if communications systems are to be as flexible and interoperable as they need to be.

New infographic highlights the ultimate AMI security -- get a copy now

Smart Grid, smart grid security, AMI security, Elster Solutions security infographic, Modern Grid, Smart Grid Deployment, AMI, Smart Meters, Power Grid, Smart Electric Grid, Electric Utilities,
How can utilities make sure they're asking the right questions when it comes to protecting smart grid and advanced metering infrastructure systems? A compelling new infographic from Elster Solutions will point you in the right direction. Find out how to get your free copy.

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