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IBM Global Services wants to build a smarter planet and it sees the smart grid as the centerpiece of that ambition. IBM's smart grid position is as the category's "super-integrator" -- a firm capable of pulling together hardware and software from multiple sources into a cohesive system. IBM's smart grid track record includes some of the world's earliest and most ambitious projects, including the remake of Centerpoint Energy's grid and the modernization of the Island of Malta. Global Services did $56 billion in revenue in 2010. IBM's smart grid services reside in the company's Energy & Utilities practice.

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Smart grid futures: New research coalition points to key issues

Smart grid, smart grid technology, predictive analytics, outage management, renwables integration, situational awareness, IBM, electric utilities
IBM has launched a new research institute with utility partners from the US, Canada and the Netherlands to find innovative predictive analytics solutions in several key smart grid areas. The results of their efforts will be well worth watching for.

CenterPoint at the cutting edge - the all-important difference between CIS and CRM

Smart Grid, CenterPoint Energy CRM, utility customer engagement, utility CRM,
Houston-based CenterPoint Energy is one of the world's true smart grid leaders. So when CenterPoint makes a move, it's worth paying attention. This time, they are launching a company-wide platform for customer interaction, one that pulls together all four of its lines of business in all six of its states.

Smart grid wins: See who's bringing in big bucks (like a $260 million order)

Smart Grid, Modern Grid, Smart Grid Deployment, AMI, Smart Meters, Power Grid, Smart Electric Grid, Electric Utilities,
We have some hefty wins on our list this week - from a $68.5 million Canadian contract to a $260 million order in Oregon. See who snagged those and other awards, and check our M&A win section to see which Texas company Toshiba just acquired.

EVs done right (finally). Germany leads the way

Smart grid, smart grid technology, EVs, PEVs, electric vehicles, EV charging, smart charging, IMB, electric utilities
A new demonstration project underway in Germany certainly looks like a promising solution for the many issues facing EV charging, as well as the related management problems utilities face. This announcement from IBM should be welcome news to both providers and consumers.

Managing big data for smart grids and smart meters

This IBM white paper discusses how to meet the challenge posed by the growing volume, velocity and variety of information in the utilities and energy industry, including a look at business requirements, technical challenges and IBM solutions.

A better way to do demand response? IBM's Swiss pilot may show the way

demand response, IBM demand response, demand response and freezers, Flexlast project, IBM Swiss demand response project
A demand response pilot IBM is working on with several Swiss companies is interesting on several fronts. Among them: it's targeting industrial loads, it's using a supermarket chain's industrial freezers, and it's using load flexibility to match up with renewables.

Under the hood of OG&E's successful smart grid deployment

Smart Grid, smart grid deployment, OG&E smart grid deployment, OG&E webinar
Oklahoma Gas & Electric has been widely praised for its groundbreaking smart grid project, by customers, policymakers and experts alike. It is truly one of North America's most comprehensive, end-to-end smart grid deployments. We thought you'd be as interested as we were in taking a look under the hood at OG&E's strategy.

IBM and ESB make important progress on EV smart charging

electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging, EV charging, IBM EV charging
A smart charging infrastructure that IBM and ESB are setting up in Ireland will manage about 1,000 public EV charging points. Much of the focus is payment options and infrastructure monitoring, but some touches on the utility-side software needed to properly manage EVs when they show up in volume. If successful, it could be a template for future, larger EV infrastructures.

Breakthrough techniques for engaging electric power customers #1: Intro and SGCC research

electric power customers, utility customers, engaging electric power customers, engaging electric utility consumers, Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative research, IBM customer analytics, smart grid
In this first segment of our Sept. 25 webinar presented with IBM and the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC), SGN's Jesse Berst introduces the topic and challenges of engaging today's electric power customers. Then Patty Durand of SGCC introduces their work in consumer research.

Webinar presentation: Breakthrough techniques for engaging today's electric power customers

Smart Grid, smart grid customer engagement, engaging utility customers, electric utility customers
Today's customer realities and overall attitudes toward the smart grid and the benefits utilities can derive from customer analytics are highlighted in numerous charts and graphs in this presentation deck from SGN's Sept. 25, 2012 webinar. Featured panelists were Patty Durand, Executive Director of the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative, and Vickie Dorris, Solution Leader, IBM Energy & Utilities Industry.

Smart grid R&D: The beat goes on

Smart Grid, smart grid R&D, smart grid projects, V2G, energy storage, LIPA dynamic pricing test
Click for a sneak peek at three wide-ranging smart grid demonstration projects, from a V2G initiative involving IBM, Honda and PG&E to a pilot on Long Island that's gauging consumer response to dynamic pricing signals. You'll also learn about an energy storage demo in Sweden and get a link to EPRI's latest smart grid project updates around the world.

How our homes can be both energy smart and a private sanctuary

Smart Grid, smart grid privacy, smart grid data, smart grid consumer privacy, IBM smart grid
A recent IBM global survey showed that up to three-quarters of consumers are concerned about the confidentiality and security of home energy use data. What to do? Matt Futch, Global Policy Director with IBM Energy & Utilities, argues that appropriately designed industry practices and regulatory guidance can help the energy ecosystem protect sensitive information. Click for his examples of how and where it's already happening.

DistribuTECH buzz: News from Itron, Opower, Honeywell (and others)

Smart Grid, smart grid announcements, DistribuTECH announcements, smart grid companies
You don't have to be at DistribuTECH to stay on top of the news; the PR machine has been spewing out announcements for days now. We've sifted through dozens of releases and pulled out the announcements we didn't think you'd want to miss. Click for details on Itron's new analytic apps to help utilities take advantage of smart grid data, for Opower's new Marketplace service at Home Depot, for the latest from Lockheed Martin, IBM, Honeywell and many others.

IBM/ABB smart grid: Industry giants focus on transmission line loss

Smart grid technologies, grid optimization, energy efficiency, IBM, ABB
Smart grid advocates (and what little there is of national energy policy) encourage going after energy efficiency full throttle, and IBM and ABB have taken up the cause. They're working jointly on a different approach to study and possibly develop a new high-voltage insulator capable of significant reductions in transmission line loss. Click inside for more.

IBM and Swiss utility demonstrating remote EV charging via smartphones

EV, EV charging, remote EV charging, IBM EV charging pilot, EV charging via smartphone
IBM's research arm has teamed with Swiss electric utility provider EKZ on a pilot project that will allow consumers to charge their EVs and monitor energy costs via mobile devices. There are benefits for utilities, too. Click inside for details and a video.

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