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This industrial giant makes a wide range of GE smart grid hardware and software. In addition to many GE smart grid products, the Fairfield, CT-based firm also produces aircraft engines, locomotives, appliances, lighting, and medical imaging equipment. GE smart grid competitors include ABB and Siemens. The company had 2010 sales of $150 billion.

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Will GE cash in on its Alstom acquisition? Or repeat its old mistakes?

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, GE, Alstom Grid, acquisitions, strategy, electric utilities
GE’s acquisition of Alstom Grid was a surprise for many observers. But now the questions are bubbling up. The big question? Can GE break loose from its previous tendencies and work with its new acquisition to successfully integrate their product lines? There are significant opportunities for GE if it can.

To see the future of electric power, just travel to... Africa?!?

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, microgrids, GE, developing countries
A solar-based microgrid will be built to provide power for an island off Africa’s Equatorial Guinea. It’s an interesting story because it may be a preview of how some areas of the developing world will skip centralized electric grids altogether in favor of solar + storage systems.

Why GE's bid for Alstom Energy may be doomed. (Hint: The French don’t like Americans)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid business, smart grid acquisitions, GE, Alstom, Siemens, smart grid companies
General Electric has put in a bid to buy Alstom Energy, but its chances for success look slim. French government ministers recently stepped in and told Alstom to seriously consider a rival bid from Germany’s Siemens. Click for details.

The right way to approach Big Data (GE thinks it knows)

smart grid, smart grid technology, data analytics, GE, GE Digital Energy, smart grid companies
Data analytics has been a hot topic for utilities, and GE Digital Energy has invested a lot of time and effort in developing solutions. We had a chance to talk with GE’s general manager for Software Solutions about the company’s approach recently and thought readers would be interested in the results.

GE's most important contribution to the smart grid yet (and it's not technology)

Smart grid, policy and regulation, strategy, GE, electric utilities
GE has released a report outlining real nuts and bolts recommendations for improving the current regulatory model. It’s good to see the global giant throwing its weight behind a performance-based model so many have been advocating for so long.

GE's latest Big Data push points to the sector's new directions

Smart grid, smart grid technology, Big Data, analytics, GE, electric utilities, strategy
Big Data is today’s Big Deal. And GE and others certainly know it. Read the story to learn about GE’s strategic approach in the Big Data space and how the company is working to ensure that the products it builds are the products utilities need.

Big win for GE smart meters shows pros and cons of North American market

Smart grid, smart meters, GE, Silver Spring Networks, ComEd, electric utilities
General Electric scored a major win when it was tapped by ComEd to deliver four million smart meters for the Chicago area. But it also illustrates how tough the market can be: North American vendors can invest vast amounts of money and time to secure a deal – and walk away with nothing to show for it. Get the details inside.

Take a look at this week's smart grid wins and honors

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid projects, smart grid honors, distribution automation, home energy management, electric utilities
This week's smart grid wins feature projects from distribution automation to tools designed to help consumers conserve energy and new offerings for the public power industry. And don't forget to check out the winners of the Edison Electric Institute's 2013 Edison Award.

5 smart grid wins (and how Bill Gates figures into this week's list)

Smart Grid, smart grid wins, smart grid companies, GE smart grid, Landis+Gyr smart grid
Landis+Gyr is rolling out its new smart grid terminal in a pilot in The Netherlands and GE is joining a project in the UK that will integrate its Durathon energy storage systems. Get details on those wins and more - including the battery company that now lists Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates as an investor.

No one-size-fits-all smart grid for Manila Electric Co.

Smart Grid, Manila smart grid, GE smart grid, Manila Electric Co. prepaid meters
A recent story out of the Philippines, where GE is working with the Manila Electric Company on a smart grid rollout, reminds that "smart grid" means different things in different places - with different definitions and drivers.

GE opens its GIS walled garden to Google (and why utilities should care)

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid asset management, GIS, GE, Google, electric utilities, smart grid strategy, analytics
GE will incorporate Google Maps data into its Smallworld applications to give utilities a better view of their networks. The ability to visualize and analyze data on a map means utilities can more accurately monitor the efficiency and productivity of field operations and give customers up-to-date information on things like outage restoration times.

Our longest list of smart grid wins ever? This may be it

Smart Grid, smart grid wins, smart grid companies, smart grid honors, smart grid contracts, smart grid awards
We added some of the smart grid wins announced at DistribuTECH to an already jam-packed list of new contract awards and an impressive set of recently announced industry honors. So what have we got? A wins sheet to beat all others with AMSC, GE, Itron, Schneider Electric, SAIC and plenty of others to tell you about.

DTECH cheat sheet day 3: Find out what Siemens, EnerNOC, GE, Alstom (and others) are up to

Smart Grid, smart grid solutions, smart grid companies, smart grid products, smart grid announcements, DistribuTECH announcements
You don't have to be in San Diego to get the latest buzz from DistribuTECH. We've sorted through the flurry of announcements for you. Click for the latest batch we thought you'd want to know about.

We've got a really big load of smart grid wins this week

Smart Grid, smart grid wins, smart grid companies, smart grid deals, smart grid awards
Not only do we have a lot of wins to tell you about, but we've got a lot of big-name smart grid companies embarking on some interesting projects. Click to see what Landis+Gyr is up to in India, GE's phasor project with Southern California Edison, twin wins from Itron, GRIDiant and Survalent - and that's just getting started.

Why GE is now a software company (and why utilities need to make the same change)

Smart grid, smart grid technologies, GE, data analytics, smart grid strategy, smart grid trends
GE isn't really a hardware company anymore. In recognition of the massive across-the-board shift from hardware to software and analytics in all manner of industries, the energy and technology infrastructure leader is changing its focus and corporate theme to what it calls the Industrial Internet. Learn why electric utilities may want to follow suit - or risk being stuck in a "world of hurt."

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