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White House urged to form cabinet-level energy council

energy policy, U.S. energy policy, Obama energy policy, cabinet-level energy council
Government agencies tasked with U.S. energy policy are "like an orchestra without a conductor," says former North Dakota Senator Bryan Dorgan, now part of a panel of experts urging the Obama administration to change the way it approaches energy.

Heavyweight support grows for wind production tax credit

Smart grid, smart grid technology, wind energy, renewable energy production tax credit, policy and regulation
In what's turning into an election season battle over the wind production tax credit, more support for an extension was announced Wednesday. This time it's from a group of state treasurers and comptrollers, asset managers and investment advisors who collectively manage more than $800 billion in assets. Click to find out why they're so gung-ho for the PTC (and vote in our quick poll).

DOE to utilities: Create cybersecurity governance NOW

The DOE doesn't think utilities are doing enough about cybersecurity. Even though national cybersecurity legislation has been stalled by partisan wrangling, the agency wants utilities to take action on their own. We've listed some of their recommendations.

EV battery swapping: Better Place opens its first public switching stations

Smart grid, EVs, EV battery swapping stations, EV charging stations, Better Place, electric vehicles, EV charging
Better Place opened its first publicly available battery switching stations where EV drivers can swap out an exhausted battery pack for a fully-charged one – and it's on the verge of expanding its network into Denmark and Australia. Click for details and a quick poll on swapping vs. charging.

Why a DMS is in your future (whether you want it or not)

distribution management system, DMS, Structure Group DMS
The expansion of distribution management systems (DMS) in the utility sector is forcing utilities to integrate data and operations between departments, a move that SGN Chief Analyst Jesse Berst suggests is long overdue. Click inside to learn why DMS is becoming such a linchpin for utilities and get advice from an expert on how to head down the DMS path cautiously.

Smart Grid Insider: Leading analyst slashes smart grid forecasts

Smart grid, smart grid markets and pricing, smart grid forecasts, smart grid business
SGN Chief Analyst Jesse Berst shares some observations on the current health of the smart grid sector from Wall Street analyst and smart grid insider Andrew Weisel. After nearly two years of optimism, Andrew has recently turned bearish on the sector. Warning: It's a pretty grim diagnosis.

Smart grid communications game changer? Consumers Energy selects cellular for 1.8M meter rollout

Smart Grid, smart grid communications, SmartSynch and Consumers Energy, smart grid cellular
Cellular advocates now have the big win they have been seeking for so long. Consumers Energy has selected SmartSynch to provide smart meters to its 1.8 million customers in Michigan. SGN Chief Analyst Jesse Berst has deal highlights - including why this could be a real game changer - inside.

The smart grid dream team: Surprising results?

Smart Grid, smart grid dream team, smart grid companies, GE smart grid, Cisco smart grid
Are there companies that – if merged – would rock the smart grid world? That's what we asked readers in our Smart Grid Dream Team Challenge. Interestingly, a couple of familiar names came up more than once. Click inside for details.

Your turn: Be SGN editor for a day

Elster, GE, IBM, Smart Grid, smart grid technologies, smart grid issues, smart grid companies, smart grid roles
If you could be in charge of choosing the type of articles and analysis we provide at Smart Grid News, what would you pick? Are there technologies you want to know more about? Issues you’d like to see surfaced? Companies or products you’d like profiled or reviewed? Then click inside where we’ve packaged up a series of Quick Polls that put YOU at the editor’s desk.

Utility Pitfalls: The Disturbing New Face of Smart Grid Vendor Lock-In

Smart Grid, smart grid vendor, smart grid vendor lock-in, smart grid technology
Venture-funded startups are swarming the Smart Grid sector like sharks chasing chum. Jesse Berst worries that utilities may fall prey to a new form of vendor lock-in. This one comes from promises, not products, but Jesse is convinced the danger is just as great. Click inside where he explains his thinking, and gives you a chance to decide if he's overreacting with your vote in our Quick Poll.

Solar Road Panel Prototype Complete: A New Way to Drive Energy to the Smart Grid?

solar road panels, smart grid renewables
An Idaho electrical engineer has completed a prototype solar panel that could change the way we use the sun's energy. Scott Brusaw's solar panel is meant to be driven on.

Smart Home: The Ultimate Home Energy Management System

SGN’s Jesse Berst knows exactly what the ultimate home energy management system looks like. Trouble is, the only way to get it is to stitch it together the way Dr. Frankenstein assembled his monster. Click to read the elements Jesse would choose for his ultimate product and to vote on the feature that you think will be most important to consumers.

Intel's Smart Grid Ambitions: A Swift Kick in the Apps

So what exactly is Intel – one of the latest in the long line of tech giants marching into the Smart Grid space – trying to prove with its home energy management software? Should utilities be suspicious? Jesse Berst asked an Intel insider to explain the company’s motives. Find out what he learned.

Why Today's Utilities May Soon Be Obsolete (and What May Replace Them)

What's being ignored in all the hubbub over Smart Grid technology is that we are moving to a new way of buying and selling electricity. If you fast forward 10 or 15 years, it will look much different than it does today. But how will it look? Richard Tabors, author and VP at Charles River Associates, suggests there are four market models that capture the critical elements of what will emerge when the Smart Grid is fully implemented. Which one do you see in your future?

Smart Grid Point/Counterpoint: Is It Better to Be a First Mover or a Follower?

In the Smart Grid space, does it make more sense to be the tortoise or the hare? To be a first mover and charge to the front of the pack, or to lag behind and learn from the leaders' mistakes? Our bloggers Jack Danahy and Andy Bachman are dueling on this one.

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