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Today electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid EVs (PHEVs) don't claim a significant share of the automotive market, but that will change rapidly. Aggressive EV pilot programs are underway in Denmark, Israel, Hawaii, San Francisco and elsewhere. Every utility needs to begin understanding how it will handle the opportunities and challenges EVs will create. In this section you’ll learn more about the EV roadmap.

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A better way to charge EVs? Scientists devise "packet-based" approach

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, electric transportation, EVS, EV charging, R&D, electric utilities
Utilities have good reason to worry about EVs, as in what could happen to a distribution transformer when several neighbors plug their vehicles in to charge every evening at the same time? University of Vermont researchers have a new proposal to duck that problem by reducing the impact of simultaneous charging. Check out the story to find out what they have in mind.

Structure Group reveals six key trends (and how to prepare)

smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid deployment, cybersecurity, microgrids, EVs, advanced distribution management systems, electric utilities, Structure Group
In the grid modernization world, what’s coming next is always a top concern. What it is, what the impact will be and how to prepare are the questions hanging over our heads. Alex Lago and Rafael Ochoa of smart grid pioneer Structure Group share their thoughts on six trends now on the horizon, trends they believe utilities should be getting ready for.

Top 10 U.S. hotspots for electric vehicles

smart grid, smart grid technology, electric vehicles, EVs, EV integration, electric utilities
EVs probably won’t be a threat to utilities or the electric grid for several years in most parts of the country. But there are cities where the concentration of EVs is reaching the point where utilities will need to keep a close watch on the numbers in case they have to accommodate additional load. Click to find out where the hotspots are.

Forget vehicle-to-grid. Let's try vehicle-to-building, says Nissan

smart grid, energy storage, electric vehicles, EVs, vehicle-to-building, Nissan, smart grid R&D
As SGN readers know, we’re not sold on vehicle-to-grid but vehicle-to-building is an entirely different story. Click for details on what Nissan is doing to thoroughly test the concept. A lot of energy storage will be needed in the future. It’s possible some of that storage will come in the form of electric vehicles.

Honda learning how to loan Accord EV batteries to the grid

smart grid, smart grid technology, Vehicle-2-Grid, V2G, Honda, electric vehicles, EVs, EV charging
Whether you like the Vehicle-to-Grid concept or not, many very smart people have been putting a lot of resources, time and effort into evaluating its potential. Now major auto maker Honda has joined in with a hybrid EV that has V2G capabilities such as a bi-directional on-board charger. Read the story and let us know what you think. Is V2G a go or a no go?

The real significance of the world's first smart-grid ready car

smart grid, smart grid technology, electric transportation, EVs, Cadillac ELR
Cadillac bills its new ELR long-range hybrid car as “smart grid ready.” But is it? We’re revisiting the story because we think that description may be more semantics than reality. Either way, we have to admit it’s exciting to hear smart grid used as a positive attribute. Click to find out why.

Smart grid wins just keep on rolling in

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid projects, smart grid wins
As always, this week’s smart grid wins include a variety of projects and developments. Read about Alstom’s distribution management system work for PPL Electric, Toshiba’s entry into the solar power business in Germany and more projects here and abroad.

Cadillac's new EV: Out of the showroom and onto the smart grid

Smart Grid, Cadillac ELR smart grid ready, smart grid ready EV, Electric Utilities,
Auto writers are comparing the new Cadillac ELR to both the luxury Tesla Model S – and to the Chevy Volt. But what we thought you'd be interested in is how the new extended range vehicle is being touted as "smart grid ready" right off the production line.

PEVs: What does it take to get people to buy them?

Smart grid, smart grid technology, electric vehicles, plug-in electric vehicles, PEVs, EV charging
Plug-in electric vehicle advocates and manufacturers have struggled trying to get more drivers into the cars. They might want to take a look at a new report from industry software and services company Recargo. It lays out in detail what prospective buyers want and why. Electric utilities may want to take a look too.

2013 U.S. PEV Charging Study

This report provides an in-depth look at plug-in vehicle (PEV) charging in the U.S. It is based on the opinions and attitudes of more than 2% of the PEV drivers in the country and addresses in detail the technologies, PEV driver charging habits, vehicle range issues and more.

Why EVs could be coming to 1/4 of America sooner than you think

Smart grid, electric transportation, markets and pricing, strategy, electric utilities
California and New York expect big enough increases in EV sales that their utilities are already preparing for it. Now, those two states and six others are collaborating on measures to make EV ownership easier. Among those measures are more charging stations at workplaces and multifamily residences. Utilities in the six additional states: is your game plan ready?

Should regulators mandate smart charging for electric vehicles?

Smart grid, electric vehicles, EVs, policy and regulation, smart charging, electric utilities
As EV adoption grows and adds stress to the electric grid, a major policy question moves closer to the front burner. Should utilities be allowed to adjust and accommodate that growth on their own, or should policies be implemented now to promote smart charging and help ensure a reliable energy future?

Electric vehicle update: Is the market on the verge of taking off?

Smart grid, smart grid technology, electric vehicles, EV trends, EV market, smart grid strategy, electric utilities
The U.S. debut of electric vehicles was hardly awe-inspiring with lower than expected sales. But popular models like the Tesla Model S have been selling well recently and the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf have turned in their best numbers ever. So maybe it’s time to reassess, because utilities need to know when or if they need to get ready for a lot more EVs on the road… and on the grid.

This week: Plenty of smart grid project wins and partnerships

Smart grid, smart grid wins, R&D, pilot projects, smart grid projects, funding, awards, smart grid vendors, partnerships
There are a lot of smart grid wins, partnerships and awards to read about this week in a variety of areas. Projects range from energy storage and power system upgrades to smart grid technology research and a successful consumer engagement pilot.

Why EVs are so important to the future of the smart grid

Smart grid, smart grid technology, electric vehicles, EVs, grid-connected EVs, consumer engagement, smart grid strategy
Utilities and others spend a lot of time trying to communicate smart grid benefits to skeptical consumers, but they could be missing out on the best way to make their case: the grid-connected EV. Guest author Beaudry Kock explains why EVs are essential to the smart grid and why they are the biggest and brightest smart grid devices most consumers will ever connect with on both emotional and practical levels.

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