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The build out of the smart grid puts increasing pressure on the nation’s aging electric power transmission system, which is the high-voltage part of the electric power infrastructure responsible for the bulk transfer of electricity from power plants to substations located near population centers. After years of neglect, it is clear that we need more than Band-Aids and piecemeal patches to enable a smarter, modern grid. Simply planting more towers and stringing more line won’t prepare the nation’s electric power transmission infrastructure to meet the energy challenges ahead. What will it take? And how will we get there? Scroll through the information below to learn about the trends and smart grid technologies likely to shape tomorrow’s electric power transmission system.

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Electric power transmission toolkit

ABB, electric power transmission, electric power transmission system, electric power transmission infrastructure, smart grid electric power transmission, smart grid
How are we going to turn our frail and neglected electric power transmission system into a secure and reliable smart grid? It’s a critical and timely issue, which is why we’ve loaded this toolkit with some of the best analysis, most-promising trends and smartest research relating to next steps in electric power transmission.

Smart water meter market to almost double in a few years

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid markets
While the U.S. is leading in the adoption of smart water meters now, the real growth is in Europe where France is the fastest growing market, analysts say. Read about this and more market news in this week’s smart grid market roundup.

DHS warns of serious cyber threat to critical U.S. infrastructure

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, security, cybersecurity, cyber attacks, Russia, electric utilities
The Department of Homeland Security has warned of a serious cyber threat to transmission grids, oil and gas pipelines, water systems and more critical infrastructure. The Russian government, DHS says, appears to be behind the threat.

World Bank loans Vietnam $500M for transmission efficiency project

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, transmission, energy efficiency, Vietnam electric grid
The populations of its major cities and economic centers are growing so quickly that Vietnam has been hurrying to upgrade its electric grid and boost its efficiency to meet demand. As part of that push, the country will receive a $500 million World Bank loan to build new transmission lines and incorporate smart grid technologies.

Smart grid wins: new projects in energy storage, metering and more

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid companies, smart grid projects
Smart grid wins for this week include a new energy storage project for Stem, Silver Spring Networks’ customer engagement and energy efficiency deal with Consumers Energy, metering projects for Atos and GE and more project news.

Utilities agree on tough times ahead (but disagree on the future of transmission)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, transmission, smart grid trends
Utilities agree they will face strong competitors as the U.S. works to expand and upgrade the electric grid. But they certainly don’t agree on the future of transmission and how much change will occur over the next 10 years.

USDA boosts rural electric power with $1.4B in loan guarantees

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, rural electric cooperatives, USDA loan guarantees
The U.S. Department of Agriculture is spending a tidy sum to upgrade electric grids in rural communities, and part of that investment is earmarked for smart grid technologies. USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack said that in addition to improving grid reliability, the upgrades will bring jobs and economic opportunities to rural areas.

Smart grid wins from around the world

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid companies, smart grid projects
This week’s roundup includes new projects like Scotland’s first large-scale offshore wind farm and South America’s largest smart grid project, a milestone for DTE Energy’s smart meter program and Innovari’s recent acquisition.

A quick look at today’s smart grid projects and developments

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid projects, smart grid companies
It’s a big week for smart grid wins. Read about Elster’s smart meter contract with ERDF in France, a massive transmission network upgrade for Sertex Utility Services, Duke Energy’s major expansion of solar power and more projects.

Longest transmission link delivers renewable power

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, transmission, HVDC transmission, global business, Brazil, ABB
ABB has commissioned what it says is the longest transmission link in the world. The 2,400-kilometer HVDC connection stretches almost all the way across Brazil and will transmit electricity from two hydropower plants to the country’s primary economic center, São Paulo.

This week’s smart grid (and smart water) wins: projects, milestones and a merger

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid wins, smart grid companies, vendors, smart grid projects
Read this week’s smart grid wins roundup to learn about new projects and developments for a variety of smart grid and smart water companies. Also, don’t miss the news about the proposed merger between Exelon Corporation and Pepco Holdings.

The 7 technologies that are revolutionizing the transmission grid

smart grid technology, transmission technoogy, smart grid, modern grid, electric utilities, transmission infrastructure, grid optimization
The U.S. transmission network is old. More than half of the country’s high voltage transmission lines have been in service for 25 years or longer. However, there are several new technologies that could help correct its inadequacies and enable it to meet 21st century demands. Click to learn about them.

Will the new EPA rules hurt grid reliability? Here's what FERC has to say

EPA, FERC, EPA Clean Power Plan, transmission, smart grid, modern grid, policy and regulation
FERC told a Senate subcommittee last week that EPA’s Clean Power Plan wouldn’t harm the reliability of the transmission grid. But it turns out comments from FERC commissioners left room for interpretation. Click to learn about two different points of view.

A quick global look at smart grid wins

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid companies, vendors, smart grid projects
This week’s collection of smart grid project and development news is a good example of how global the smart grid initiative really is. Read about EnerNOC’s Switzerland project, ABB’s transmission win in the UK, Cyan’s partnership to open up the Sub-Saharan African market and more stories.

Smart grid wins: Partnerships, acquisitions, projects and more

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid companies, smart grid projects, partnerships, acquisitions
This week’s smart grid wins roundup is heavy on partnerships and acquisitions, but there also is plenty of news about transmission and metering projects and other developments. Read the story for quick summaries and click the links for further details.

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