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Grid optimization is the process of making the power grid as good as possible. But even though the grid optimization concept is simple, the practice is complex because it involves multiple variables and tradeoffs. In power grid optimization, we must find just the right balance between reliability, availability, efficiency and cost. Fortunately, the smart grid offers a number of grid optimization solutions. First, smart devices gather information, providing a more accurate and detailed understanding. Second, smart software analyzes that data and suggests grid optimization adjustments to wring maximum value from grid assets. Scroll down for grid optimization, Volt/VAR optimization and related resources.

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Grid optimization toolkit

grid optimization, smart grid, Volt/VAR optimization, Volt/VAR control, grid optimization solutions
Smart meters may get most of the attention, but many would argue that grid optimization is how utilities and their customers are going to get the most bang for their buck. So what is grid optimization, and how do we bring it out of the smart grid closet? You'll find answers in our one-stop grid optimization toolkit, which is packed with the analysis, trends and resources you need to get up to speed.

A new tool to improve utility resiliency. (Did you know about fully submersible switchgear?)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, power outage prevention, S&C Electric, electric utilities
Many communities are pushing to bury their power lines underground to minimize weather-related outages. But that’s not going to do much good in the many parts of the U.S. susceptible to flooding. One part of the solution is flood-resistant equipment. Read on to learn about S&C Electric’s new offering: submersible, water-resistant switchgear.

Utilities: Time to get on the optimization bandwagon

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, grid optimization, electric utilities
There are more ways to meet increasing demand for electric power than firing up new generating plants to provide it. Guest author Roei Ganzarski shares details on new grid optimization technologies, what their capabilities are and how they can be immensely beneficial now and in the future.

4 keys to greater resiliency (#4 is most important)

smart grid, modern grid, storm damage mitigation, storm damage strategy, data analytics, electric utilities
The devastating series of storms that swept through many parts of the country focused attention on the need to minimize the damage they cause. With the steady advances in data analytics and improved weather data, the time is coming when we can predict the location and severity of storms. And that will be a welcome and valuable addition to the storm damage mitigation toolbox.

Catch up on what’s new in smart grid projects and business

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid wins, smart grid projects, smart grid partnerships, acquisitions, SCADA, smart grid companies
From a smart grid research grant for New Mexico State University to projects for ABB and Siemens in Italy and Egypt, it’s been a busy week in the smart grid sector. Also, read about the Schneider Electric-Microsoft partnership and an integrated energy marketplace from Accenture and Southwest Power Pool.

Smart grid wins: Building better electric grids

smart grid, modern grid, energy storage, transmission, metering, smart grid vendors
It’s a short list for this week’s selection of smart grid wins, but varied. Read about ABB’s power generation project in India, Ice Energy’s successful energy storage pilot in California and more projects, developments and partnerships.

Smart grid wins, from Mozambique to Miami

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid vendors, electric utilities, transmission, analytics, AMI, metering, efficiency, energy storage
It’s been a big week for smart grid wins, from the largest networked street lighting deployment in North America to substation projects in Qatar and Mozambique. Click to read more sector news, such as DOE’s new wind energy resource center and Philadelphia’s major smart buildings project.

Free open source toolkit for high-performance grid simulation

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, grid simulation, grid optimization, electric utilities, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, PNNL
Grid simulation can be a great tool for electric utilities but it requires an incredible amount of computing power. Fortunately, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory now offers an open source toolkit that helps reduce programming complications and provides many additional features. And yes, it’s free.

Why you should steal ideas from New York's energy vision

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid strategy, energy policy, New York state energy plan, policy and regulation, electric utilities
The United States does not have a national energy policy or a clear vision of what our energy future should be, nor do most states. But New York is working on one in conjunction with its ambitious grid modernization initiative. Click to find out what the state is doing and why you should consider doing the same.

Want to cash in on the smart grid? Go to Chattanooga (they have an incubator)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid incubator, smart grid innovation, Chattanooga smart grid, electric utilities
Chattanooga, home to one of America’s most robust smart grids, is inviting entrepreneurs to take advantage of its incubator program on smart grid innovation. The program offers funding access, grid information, suppliers and more. But you’d better hurry. The first round of applications closes March 14.

Smart grid wins: a full slate of innovative technologies and new projects

Smart grid, modern, smart grid technology, smart grid companies, smart grid vendors, smart grid wins, metering
The smart grid sector is a busy one, and this week has been no exception. Read about a vegetable oil-insulated and cooled transformer from Siemens, Plug Power’s multi-site hydrogen fuel cell order, ABB’s substation order from Kuwait and other projects and developments.

Creating a 21st Century Electricity System for New York State

This document summarizes the work, conducted over a three-month period, by an informal working group formed following an Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) and MIT-Industrial Performance Center (IPC) led CEO forum on the 21st Century Electricity System in November 2013. The purpose of the document is to provide leadership and input to regulators, policymakers and others on the goals, objectives and considerations that will facilitate the implementation of a vision for the future electric industry in New York state.

New York joins California as leader in energy storage (and what it means for your state)

smart grid, smart grid technology, energy storage, grid modernization, smart grid projects, Policy and regulation
Readers have seen the stories about New York’s ambitious plans to beef up the stability of its electric grid as part of a major smart grid overhaul. Energy storage insider Mark MacCracken joins us to share a close look at what those plans entail and why.

Breakthrough? Why and how to triangulate your data (and the missing link that lets it happen)

smart grid, smart grid technology, data analytics, Big Data, analytics strategies, grid monitoring, electric utilities
A massive amount of data is collected from meters and substations, but the segment between substations and meters might as well be invisible. GRID20/20 President Alan Snook explains how low-cost sensors and data triangulation can shed light on that largely hidden stretch, and why it’s such a useful strategy.

New study: We did AMI all wrong. Here's a better way

smart grid, smart grid technology, AMI, smart meters, conservation voltage reduction, smart grid strategy, Smart Grid Research Consortium, electric utilities
A better way to cost-justify smart meter investments? The Smart Grid Research Consortium believes it has one. Rather than spending massive amounts of time recruiting customers and keeping them engaged in demand response programs, click to read why the SGRC believes joint AMI and smart meter-enabled conservation voltage reduction can be a much better approach. And a lot less risky.

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