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Distribution management systems (DMS) – or integrated DMS – are terms you are going to be hearing more frequently as electric utilities find that integrated systems will allow them to realize greater value from smart grid technologies. In many cases, distribution management systems are the command and control centers that run these technologies. For instance, DMS will enable utilities to maintain more control over things like distributed renewable generation. DMS will help them analyze outages for fault detection, isolation and restoration. Improvement in grid efficiency is another DMS benefit. There are also synergies between DMS and distribution automation. Scroll through the content below to learn more about distribution management systems and their role in a smarter electric grid.

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Smart grid wins: Good news for GE, Trilliant, Survalent Technology and more

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid companies, smart grid vendors
Check out this week’s successes for Survalent Technology and RGS Energy as well as new agreements and partnerships for Trilliant, Plug Power and more smart grid companies. Also, read about new certifications for GE’s Digital Energy business and smart thermostat maker ecobee.

Austin Energy: A real-life advanced distribution management system (ADMS)

smart grid, smart grid technology, advanced distribution management systems, Austin Energy, Schneider Electric
Yes, there has been a lot of conversation about the transition from distribution management systems to advanced distribution management systems, but not much in the way of real examples. In this story, two guest authors dig into a case study from ADMS pioneer Austin Energy.

The Next 10 Years: Give it up for integrated systems

Smart Grid, smart grid architectures, smart grid integration, smeart grid networks, smart water networks, smart cities
A buzzword for the next decade of smart grid? Try integration. Hybrid architectures and the complex integrations they require. Multi-app platforms that integrate previously dedicated systems. Integration of smart electric grids, smart water grids and smart cities. Even integration of siloed shops in utilities and other entities. Our industry insiders explain.

Schneider integration of Telvent signals another major competitor for all things distribution

Smart Grid, Schneider smart grid, distribution automation, distribution management, Telvent distribution automation
We've been saying for a while that distribution automation and distribution management will be coming to the fore as smart metering plateaus. Perfect timing for Schneider Electric, which has now completed its year-long integration with Telvent and is poised to make a play.

Survey says smart grid's next big growth market is... SCADA?

Smart Grid, SCADA, SCADA growth, DMS, OMS, EMS, Newton-Evans Research, outage control systems
A survey of electric utilities in the U.S. and Canada points to the likelihood of "very good growth" for EMS, SCADA, DMS and OMS between 2013 and 2015, according to Newton-Evans Research. The firm says a large percentage of utilities it surveyed are planning upgrades or retrofits for SCADA systems.

This week's smart grid winners are solving all sorts of gnarly problems

Smart Grid, smart grid winners, smart grid wins, smart grid projects, smart grid companies, electric utilities
Austin Energy is implementing an advanced distribution management system. The UK Ministry of Defense wants smarter buildings (lots of them). Scottish Power is testing a new approach for connecting renewables to the grid. Which companies are doing the heavy lifting on these projects? Click for details on these wins and others too.

Alstom Grid: Under the smart grid microscope

Smart Grid, Alstom Grid, Alstom Grid smart grid, Alstom Grid opportunities, Alstom Grid thought leader, Altom Grid transmission and distribution
After years of distracting ownership changes, Alstom Grid is hitting its stride. And its "we are the heart of the grid" positioning could be a clear differentiator if the company hammers it home strongly - and if it can keep up with well-heeled competitors like ABB, GE, Schneider and Siemens. Click for a close-up of one of our industry's more intriguing players.

Business Strategy: Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles - Opportunities and Challenges

This IDC Energy Insights report provides an in-depth look at the opportunities and challenges of smart charging systems for plug-in electric vehicles.

Distribution management systems: Maui takes on yet another smart grid demo

Smart grid, smart grid technologies, smart grid deployment, smart grid demonstration projects, distribution management systems, DMS, Alstom Grid, Schneider Electric, Telvent
Alstom Grid is taking its smart grid show on the road for an integrated distribution management systems demo project on the island of Maui, a location quickly becoming a smart grid test bed. Meanwhile Telvent is opening up shop in Serbia with a global research center to support its advanced DMS development efforts.

Smart grid nuts and bolts: New releases from Siemens, GE, Itron (and others)

Smart Grid, smart grid products, grid reliability, Eaton smart grid, GE smart grid, Siemens smart grid, Itron smart grid, Telvent smart grid
What's on your smart grid shopping list? We've rounded up new products that do some of the heavy lifting in grid reliability - from a utility-scale inverter technology from Eaton to a bushing monitoring system for transformers released by GE.

Smart grid close encounters - the control room and beyond

Smart Grid, smart grid Ontario, Ontario utilities, PowerStream, Hydro One, Survalent Technology
Smart Grid News recently had a chance to tour Hydro One and PowerStream facilities in Toronto and came back with a pictorial show-and-tell that highlights two very forward-thinking utilities.

Distribution management systems - a Siemens smart grid solution

This Siemens video showcases distribution management systems as a centerpiece of any smart grid and highlights the benefits of its own DMS solution in terms of reliability, efficiency, safety and security.

GE launches next-generation fault restoration

Smart Grid, GE smart grid, GE fault detection, GE FDIR
GE Energy is on a tear. On the same day the company launched a massive, end-to-end communications platform, it also announced an end-to-end system for fault detection, isolation and restoration. Click for more on the system GE claims could reduce typical customer outage time from hours to under a minute.

Perspective: High-Penetration PV - Challenges and Research Initiatives

This IDC Energy Insights Perspective provides a snapshot of where the solar industry is today with respect to issues related to the industry's rapid growth in North America creating localized areas with a high penetration of solar photovoltaic (PV) installations. The electric grid was designed to carry electricity from centralized power plants to distributed loads, and the introduction of distributed, intermittent, and unpredictable generation sources introduces new challenges for utilities.

Siemens smart grid strategy: Feeding the world's appetite for integration

Smart Grid, Siemens smart grid, smart grid strategy, smart grid integrator, smart grid integration
Over breakfast with Thierry Godart, president of Siemens' smart grid division in the U.S., SGN Chief Analyst Jesse Berst learned that for Siemens, 2012 is going to be all about integration - and that Siemens wants to be the leading smart grid integrator. Click for a peek at the three areas that Siemens is targeting - and how Jesse thinks this old school company's prospects shape up against new school competitors.

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