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As a group, utilities have trillions of dollars of grid assets, from substations to wires to meters and much more. Scroll down to find information on how smart sensors and smart software extend the life and value of these field assets.

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Data analytics buying guide part 1: What's in Big Data for you?

data analytics, advanced analytics, analytics buying guide, benefits of analytics, big data, Oncor analytics initiative, IBM analytics
Why is Big Data such a Big Deal for electric utilities? Because many are starting to use advanced analytics software to turn the volumes of data streaming in from smart grid technologies into actionable business intelligence. In part one of our new buying guide, you'll discover some of the benefits they're seeing - including just-released results from Oncor's ambitious analytics initiative with IBM.

Strategic Asset Management: A Primer for Electric Utilities

utility asset management, utility strategic asset management, advanced analytics for utilities, UTILICASE strategic asset management, Strategic asset management eBook
Utilities are now getting much more data about their equipment via meters, sensors and other intelligent devices and seeing the benefits of software that can pull together all that information and make sense of it. As a result, strategic asset management is entering its next phase, which is the focus of our latest eBook developed with the experts at UTILICASE. Download the free eBook to learn how your utility can glean the benefits of advanced analytics to develop a more strategic asset care program.

Want to get started on transactive energy and nanogrids? Steal this government software

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, transactive energy, grid monitoring, grid optimization, electric utilities
It’s an “everything is connected” world where the centralized approach to sensing, intelligence and control no longer offers the visibility and quick response time needed to effectively monitor and manage the grid. Read on to learn about a transactive energy solution that can help.

Why New England’s power situation is precarious. (Did you guess pipelines?)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, New England, power scarcity
Many regions of the country may have access to abundant power. But that doesn’t appear to be the case in New England where a shortage of natural gas pipelines has constrained supply and drove prices through the roof during this year’s severe winter. Read the story for details.

A quick look at EPA’s 30 by 30 Clean Power Plan (and what it means)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, EPA, DOE, Clean Power Plan, policy and regulation, electric utilities
EPA earlier this week announced its Clean Power Plan to cut carbon emissions from existing power plants 30% by 2030. We thought you would like to see a quick summary of the rule and how it will be applied.

Coming soon? Power lines that can tell you whether they are swaying in the wind

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, transmission, distribution, grid optimization, asset management, outage management, sensors, electric utilities
Power line movement can be a problem if a line blown by the wind touches trees, buildings or other lines. It can also cause line fatigue. A Washington state company recently filed a patent for putting accelerometers on power lines to determine if and how they are moving, which could help prevent mechanical failure.

Utilities: If you think solar rooftops are a pain, wait until solar streets get here

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, renewable energy, solar rooftops, solar roads, renewables integration, electric utilities
The controversy over rooftop solar and the challenges intermittent power sources present for utilities is far from over. But it might be time to make room for another: solar roads have reached the second prototype phase. Read on for details.

Aging grid assets? How to know what equipment to replace and when

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, asset management, analytics, electric utilities
Of course it would be great to know when to replace equipment before it fails. Aging infrastructure is a major concern for utilities, some say their most pressing challenge. Shawn Lyndon of Ventyx sheds light on how valuable asset health analytics can be for utilities facing aging equipment replacement.

Utilities: Give these 3 answers when your regulator asks how you deal with theft

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart meters, energy theft, policy and regulation, electric utilities
Energy theft is bad for everyone, and regulators are pushing utilities to do more to prevent it because losses from theft are subsidized by customers through higher billing rates. Guest author Kevin Mays points out three effective ways to minimize losses… and it’s not as hard as you might think.

Utilities: Why you may be negligent about your GIS (and a program that can help)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, geospatial information systems, IntelliGrid program, EPRI, electric utilities
For many utilities, the value and benefits of Geospatial Information System data are underutilized. Click to find out what those benefits are and how to take full advantage of them through the Electric Power Research Institute’s IntelliGrid Immersion service.

How to improve resiliency: Adopt the Incident Command System

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid security, disaster preparation, incident control, Incident Command System, smart grid strategy, electric utilities
The federal government’s Incident Command System is an incident management approach for all hazards, including severe weather and terrorist attacks. While most utilities consider it important, only about 50% use it for each incident. Learning how to use the system now could prove well worth the effort in the future, even if there are challenges and it isn’t tailor-made for utilities.

Utilities: Forget about Big Data! (Start with small data, then work your way up)

smart grid, modern grid, Big Data, enterprise data analytics, smart grid strategy, webinars, asset management, electric utilities
If your utility is trying to figure out how to approach enterprise data analytics, you won’t want to miss our webinar on how to get started. So mark your calendar for Wednesday, April 2nd and register to reserve your spot to hear from experts in the field. The webinar is free to Smart Grid News readers while space remains.

The 5 issues forcing utilities to future-proof their mobile networks

smart grid, modern grid, mobile workforce, mobile workforce management, electric utilities
As utilities shift to a more de-centralized and distributed workforce, communications with field workers become more critical. Guest author Lee Johnson outlines the changes the shift has created and why it’s so important for utilities to future-proof their mobile networks to accommodate and keep pace with them.

Utilities: Why it's time to get tougher on energy theft (And on ourselves)

smart grid, smart grid technology, electricity theft, energy theft, energy theft prevention, smart grid strategy, electric utilities
Losses from energy theft run into the hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars annually. And it’s a worldwide problem utilities haven’t pursued because getting the evidence to prosecute thieves is so hard to come by. But guest author Alan Snook says there is now a way to do just that: Distribution Transformer Monitoring. Click to learn about the technology and how utilities can use it to pinpoint theft.

A better way to charge EVs? Scientists devise "packet-based" approach

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, electric transportation, EVS, EV charging, R&D, electric utilities
Utilities have good reason to worry about EVs, as in what could happen to a distribution transformer when several neighbors plug their vehicles in to charge every evening at the same time? University of Vermont researchers have a new proposal to duck that problem by reducing the impact of simultaneous charging. Check out the story to find out what they have in mind.

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