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Cisco Systems dominates the market for Internet networking equipment such as routers and switches. In 2009, it conducted an internal competition for the next big new business idea, which culminated with the formation of a Cisco smart grid division. Cisco's smart grid ambitions are to provide the underlying foundation for a standards-based smart grid by supplying communications, security and network management from Cisco. Smart grid companies can then build their applications on top of this foundation.

Headquartered in San Jose, the company did $40 billion in sales in 2010.

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Welcome to the app wars! We have another app store for utilities (this time from Cisco)

smart grid, smart grid technology, Cisco, smart grid companies, smart grid vendors
The app store for utilities market may be filling in a bit. Earlier, we shared the details of the new offering from Silver Spring Networks. Now we take a look at a different approach from Cisco. While they are very different, we see them both as good options. Click for details.

Who's in smart grid wins this week? Let's take a look

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid projects, smart grid wins, metering, communications, smart water, mergers and acquisitions
There's a lot going on in this week's smart grid wins. Take note of some interesting projects, as well as a likely acquisition in the energy storage sector, and find out about the "Griddie" Awards for Excellence in Communications.

Cisco ups the smart grid ante with new substation and security offerings

Smart grid, smart grid technology, communications, security, Cisco, electric utilities, smart grid strategy
Cisco announced two new offerings Monday, a security architecture and a substation solution. SGN Chief Analyst Jesse Berst shares some insights on what that means for Cisco, utilities and other communications providers.

12,000+ votes cast! Meet your 13 Smart Grid Companies to Watch

Smart Grid, smart grid companies, smart grid companies to watch, 2013 companies to watch
The finale was a wild one, with more than 12,000 votes cast. But we now have our 13 Smart Grid Companies to Watch in 2013 as nominated by and decided by Smart Grid News readers. Click to see if you think they got it right.

Part 7: We're not done yet! Meet 6 more Companies to Watch candidates

Smart Grid, smart grid companies, smart grid companies to watch, 2013 smart grid companies to watch, SGN companies to watch, 13 in 2013
We're nearing the end of our reader-nominated Smart Grid Companies to Watch list - but we're not done yet. Click for a look at six more companies in the running and to vote for the one you think most deserves to move into the next round.

Cisco smart grid strategy: Marching further down the unification path

Smart Grid, Cisco smart grid, Cisco smart grid strategy, Cisco smart grid portfolio
Cisco has just announced three additions to its smart grid portfolio. Taken together, they reinforce several themes – among them, the gradual merger of IT and OT and the ability to let legacy systems play in the IP world. Click for more from our interview with two Cisco VPs.

The Next 10 Years according to Cisco CEO John Chambers

Smart Grid, Cisco smart grid, John Chambers next 10 year, Cisco CEO John Chambers, Cisco Internet of Everything
The decade ahead will be about transition - transition in the market, in your utility, in how we all connect with smart grid technologies. CEO John Chambers says at Cisco they call this transition the Internet of Everything. Click to learn why he thinks it will drive the next wave of business innovation, productivity and customer engagement.

This week's smart grid winners have new contracts to be thankful for

Smart Grid, smart grid wins, smart grid winners, smart grid companies
Day after Thanksgiving here in the States and some folks are thankful no one ate the last piece of pumpkin pie. Others are thankful they're heaping new smart grid wins on their plates. Click to learn the details of new wins involving some industry stalwarts and up-and-comers.

Smart grid wins: Some big scores for some big players this week

Smart Grid, smart grid wins, smart grid winners, Itron wins, Cisco wins, Elster wins, Tendril wins, Telvent wins
Itron and Cisco win big in Los Angeles. Telvent and Tendril ink sweet deals in Australia. Elster is selling more meters in Brazil and Schneider Electric will be charging up Pecan Street EVs. We've got all of that and more in this week's smart grid wins list - including a 'hats off' to Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories.

Smart grid platform wars: Cisco raises the stakes with developer network

Smart Grid, Cisco smart grid, smart grid platform, smart grid platform wars, Cisco developer network
Last spring we reported that Cisco was doubling down on the smart grid. A few months later, we told you how Silver Spring Networks upped the ante with a major revamp to its partner/developer program. Now we are back to report that Cisco has raised the stakes again.

Our smart grid winners' list is a whopper this week

Smart Grid, smart grid winners, smart grid projects, smart grid awards
It's been a huge week for awards - the Global Cleantech 100 and Frost & Sullivan Enabling Technology Award among them. And yes, smart grid companies are well represented. Besides those winners to tell you about, we've got project wins, milestones and a new category we're calling the Winning Idea of the Week.

What's really behind the new Cisco / Elster strategic partnership?

Smart Grid, cisco smart grid, elster smart grid, cisco / elster partnership, smart grid interoperability
It was two full years ago that Cisco and Itron announced their strategic partnership to collaborate on a standards-based architecture. Now Elster and Cisco have announced a similar arrangement. What's going on? If you look closely you'll see it has a lot to do with interoperability.

Man vs Grid: Engineer Battles the World's Most Rugged Router

Learn more about Cisco's smart grid operations and field area network with this tour of testing facilities where you'll see a router in an oven.

Cisco smart grid forward momentum

Cisco Connected Energy Network leaders share that the smart grid is one of their key initiatives and fundamental to Cisco's growth strategy. They discuss the trends and success over the last two years, business unit growth and what's coming next.

Ausgrid and Cisco Services Help Create Smarter Substations in Australia

Leading Australia's “Smart Grid, Smart City” project, Ausgrid has set the goal of developing a new smart grid architectural design for its organization. As part of this new strategy, as this case study details. the utility is establishing a design that can be used for all new substations to support modern approaches to protection and control, condition monitoring, and other services.

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