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Pioneering utilities have been testing and building various components of the Smart Grid for some time now. That's good news if you're just getting started. You can save time and money by taking advantage of the pioneers' "lessons learned" highlighted in this section.

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Strategic Asset Management: A Primer for Electric Utilities

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Utilities are now getting much more data about their equipment via meters, sensors and other intelligent devices and seeing the benefits of software that can pull together all that information and make sense of it. As a result, strategic asset management is entering its next phase, which is the focus of our latest eBook developed with the experts at UTILICASE. Download the free eBook to learn how your utility can glean the benefits of advanced analytics to develop a more strategic asset care program.

Deathmatch 2014:The battle to control the Internet of Things (including the smart grid)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid standards, Internet of Things, IoT, smart grid vendors
What happens when a new technology hits an inflection point? Frequently the answer is a long, drawn out battle over standards. This time the fight is over the Internet of Things. Click to learn about six emerging standards that could be contenders.

How Seattle City Light spent big bucks to make itself look stupid

smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid strategy, social media, consumer engagement, electric utilities
Smart Grid News has published stories on utilities that have won high marks for how well they use social media to engage customers. So it seems only fair to share a story about one utility that illustrates how to do it wrong. Click for details.

Ruston's successful smart grid, smart metering project… a smart grid case study

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid investment grants, smart grid projects, metering, grid optimization, electric utilities
The City of Ruston, Louisiana received $4.3 million in 2009’s Smart Grid Investment Grant round of funding for grid modernization. Click to read what the city did to greatly improve operations for its community-owned electric utility. The report documents the process from planning to completion.

Lessons learned from North America's top smart grid

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid initiatives, Chattanooga, EPB, Schneider Electric, electric utilities
Chattanooga’s smart grid has been widely hailed as North America’s most robust. Ever wonder how they did it? Guest authors from Chattanooga utility EPB and Schneider Electric share the details of the initiative’s continuing success, and include helpful advice and lessons learned along the way.

Utility CIOs: How you stack up against other industries

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid companies, smart grid trends, smart grid business, electric utilities
PricewaterhouseCoopers has released the results of a worldwide survey conducted with CIOs from several different industries. It’s interesting because it reveals how utility CIOs see themselves and how their thinking compares with counterparts in other industries. And you can learn how to raise your Digital IQ.

Is this what it will take to finally grow the smart water meter market?

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid pilots, smart water, smart water meters, water utilities
The smart water meter market is growing, but more slowly than expected. A new report from Statplan Energy says the market would grow more quickly with a shift in priorities: concentrate less on the residential sector and more on commercial smart water meters. Click to learn more about the benefits that approach could bring.

Integrating AMI and OMS: Avoiding the landmines (from those who've gone before)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, AMI, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, metering, outage management systems, Smart Grid News webinars, electric utilities
The benefits of integrating AMI with outage management systems can yield tremendous benefits. But it’s not a simple process and there are problems and pitfalls to watch for. Sign up for our free Smart Grid News webinar, “Integrating AMI and OMS: Avoiding the landmines,” and join us April 22 to learn the tips, tricks and tactics for successful AMI and OMS integration.

Future smart meter rollouts: Chaos is NOT inevitable

smart grid, modern grid, smart meters, AMI, advanced metering infrastructure, smart meter deployments, electric utilities, lessons learned
Considering the depth of experience the electric power industry now has in smart meter deployments, one would think the rollouts would be piece of cake smooth and trouble-free. Not so. Some utilities still make the same mistakes that were made early on. Sangeet Dutta shares why… and what can be done to avoid those missteps.

Malta's smart meter scandal -- $41 million worth of electricity stolen

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, metering, energy theft, cyber security, electric utilities
Smart meters offer many advantages, but they also bring new vulnerabilities. A perfect case in point: Malta. A meter tampering racket managed to siphon off 10% of the power generated by the island country. Click for details… and a reminder that vigilance is not optional. It’s essential.

The 4 most important smart grid lessons learned (courtesy of Black & Veatch)

smart grid, smart grid technology, lessons learned, smart grid strategy, electric utilities
In its first Strategic Directions report on utility automation, Black & Veatch shares the results of a survey conducted with utility executives about common challenges and possible opportunities. It’s worthwhile reading for all, but particularly for those executives who may be wondering “Is it just me, or…?”

How to survive the death spiral? Become an Ebay for electricity (or a leasing company)

smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid strategy, electricity business model, policy and regulation, rooftop solar, renewable energy
More and more utility customers are generating most of their own electricity with rooftop solar – and they’re getting relatively painless financing to do it. But utilities are in a very good position to take advantage of the opportunities the changing market is creating, if they’re willing to take on the challenges.

Utilities: The 9 things to worry about most

smart grid, smart grid technology, electric utilities, policy and regulation, utility investments, utility concerns, distributed energy, IT/OT
Smart Grid News founder and chief analyst Jesse Berst spent a lot of time with a lot of utility professionals at last week’s DistribuTECH. Click to read what they told him were their biggest headaches. Many readers are likely to find some very familiar problems on the list.

The 3 most important words for 2014 plus 24 more (Hint: "as-a-service")

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, software-as-a-service, Saas, smart grid trends, energy storage, electric utilities
A very engaging list of 25 game-changing trends has been released that should very much interest utilities. Why? Because many of the trends, diverse as they are, closely relate to utility operations – and because they offer clear indicators of what customers are coming to expect from their energy providers.

What you can learn from Israel's smart grid plan

smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid implementation, Israeli smart grid roadmap, Israel smart grid, energy efficiency
When the Israeli Smart Energy Association set out to prepare its smart grid implementation roadmap, the organization studied smart grid deployments around the world, picking up many best practices as well as mistakes made along the way. Reading it would be time very well spent for utility execs everywhere.

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