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Many utilities cannot make Smart Grid investments until they have approval from their regulators. And even unregulated utilities must ensure that their Smart Grid outlays make financial sense. This section catalogs ideas and resources for making the all-important cost-benefit analysis.

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The future of utilities – death spiral or reinvention? Leaders weigh in

smart grid, modern grid, utility business model, utility business case, electric industry trends, strategy, electric utilities
The conversation around the “utility death spiral” is depressing of course. But readers should take a look at some articulate and very well-conceived views from industry observers about options for the industry’s future. As you will see, some see disaster while others see a possible renaissance, a reinvention.

Ensuring that net metering remains a win-win-win

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, distributed generation and renewables, solar power, solar industry, electric utilities, net metering
The net metering debate is far from over and the us against them mentality is still very apparent. However, the belief that stakeholders can come to a practical agreement is becoming more widespread. Guest author Brian F. Keane explains why it’s critical for the electric and solar industries to do just that… work it out.

Utility dinosaurs: Here are five plans for your survival

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid strategy, policy and regulation, electric utility business model
If utility executives want to transform today’s outdated utility business model into one they can live with they had better get busy. If not, someone else is likely to do it for them. Several organizations already have made proposals in an effort to sway regulators. Click to see examples of what they’re recommending.

What utility execs are REALLY worried about (not cybersecurity, even if it should be)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid trends, utility challenges, policy and regulation, distributed generation, electric utilities
It’s not that utilities don’t care about cybersecurity, but they do have other more pressing issues to worry about, according to a State of the Electric Utility report. Click to find out what issues and challenges concern utility professionals most, and where they see major opportunities.

Now we have proof. Utility transformation is at the tipping point

smart grid, smart grid business model, smart grid strategy, business model tipping point, electric utilities, Itron
Itron has released the eye-opening results of a survey that includes utility executives and consumers, and it makes some very clear points about the immediate need for major changes in the utility business model. It’s a very interesting read and the level of consensus is surprising.

Is a disaggregated future really all that far away?

smart grid technology, smart grid future, utility disaggregation, power decentralization, Silver Spring Networks, electric utilities
SGN’s Next Next Thing series of articles has focused for the most part on technology. But one contributor, Eric Dresselhuys of Silver Spring Networks, has a different spin on the ‘big what’s next’ for electric power providers. In his view, that industry disaggregation we tend to think will confront us sometime, someday, is already here and quickly gaining momentum.

Avoiding the death spiral: Think "multipurpose" to future-proof your utility

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid strategy, distribution utilities, electric utilities, futureproofing, Lessons from the Real World Webinar Series
News stories predicting that the utility industry is heading into a death-spiral and financial turmoil have been non-stop. If you want to learn how utilities can survive, and possibly thrive, in this time of unprecedented change, sign up for our January 22 webinar “How to Futureproof your Distribution Utility,” and find out how it can be done.

Top SGN stories of the year: What you were reading in 2013

smart grid, smart grid trends, utility business model, security, electric utilities
Looking back at the year as it comes to a close is a familiar holiday tradition. For those of us involved in smart grid, it’s an excellent way to recap how far we’ve come, where we fell short and what remains to be done. The most widely read Smart Grid News stories of 2013 offer a good summary of where we were and a glimpse of where we need to go.

Coal fights back with claims that gas and renewables threaten the grid

smart grid, smart grid technology, US coal industry, renewables, power generation trends, electric utilities
The coal industry has taken a beating from cheap, plentiful natural gas and the growth of renewables in the US energy mix. But now the industry is fighting back, claiming that gas and renewables are a threat to the electric grid. Coal’s aggressive stance is sure to turn up the fire in what is already a heated debate.

Utilities: Get used to neighborhoods that use zero energy

smart grid, smart grid technology, net zero energy, net zero energy neighborhoods, utility business model, strategy
New neighborhoods were good news for utilities. They brought more demand and more sales. But the neighborhoods of the future may generate some or all of their own power. Are utilities ready for an era that could mean more costs for equipment like power lines, poles and transformers but not more sales?

Citibank: Utilities are dinosaurs waiting to die

Smart grid, smart grid trends, global energy mix, electricity issues, renewable energy, storage
A new report from Citibank says the global mix of energy sources is changing faster than we thought. If the Citibank analysts are right, electric utilities that aren’t evolving with the times could lose half of their addressable market. And it’s a sooner rather than later situation.

Smart grid futures: Should utilities provide broadband?

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid communications, electric utilities, broadband, WiFi
Ever wonder what happened to the debate over utilities providing broadband services? It's back. And it's time for utilities to get engaged or the decision just might be made for them.

PGE's new demo center will test our distributed future

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid demonstration projects, Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project, PGE, electric utilities
Portland General Electric recently unveiled its 5-megawatt lithium-ion battery energy storage system designed to test a variety of smart grid technologies, including energy storage, renewable energy integration and dispatchable standby generation. Click inside for the details.

Paradigm shift ahead! How microgrids could help change the utility business model

Smart grid, smart grid technology, smart grid strategy, microgrids, utility business models
It took a while but microgrids have been gaining ground and getting a lot of attention lately. Joule Assets CEO Mike Gordon outlines why microgrids could be the tipping point that takes forward-thinking utilities from a traditional commodity provider role to a more service-oriented one.

Yet another smart grid group launches forum

Smart Grid, Smart Grid iX, smart grid association
The smart grid sector has gained a new association. SmartGridiX intends to create a clearinghouse and forum for developing viable business cases for Smart Grid 2.0. Noble intentions certainly, but do we really need another association?

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