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Electric utilities are starting to use all the data streaming in from smart meters, sensors and other smart grid technologies to create actionable business intelligence - to improve customer relationships or more effectively monitor and maintain assets. In this channel you'll find resources to help see the possibilities and follow the trends in Big Data.

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Data analytics buying guide part 1: What's in Big Data for you?

data analytics, advanced analytics, analytics buying guide, benefits of analytics, big data, Oncor analytics initiative, IBM analytics
Why is Big Data such a Big Deal for electric utilities? Because many are starting to use advanced analytics software to turn the volumes of data streaming in from smart grid technologies into actionable business intelligence. In part one of our new buying guide, you'll discover some of the benefits they're seeing - including just-released results from Oncor's ambitious analytics initiative with IBM.

Strategic Asset Management: A Primer for Electric Utilities

utility asset management, utility strategic asset management, advanced analytics for utilities, UTILICASE strategic asset management, Strategic asset management eBook
Utilities are now getting much more data about their equipment via meters, sensors and other intelligent devices and seeing the benefits of software that can pull together all that information and make sense of it. As a result, strategic asset management is entering its next phase, which is the focus of our latest eBook developed with the experts at UTILICASE. Download the free eBook to learn how your utility can glean the benefits of advanced analytics to develop a more strategic asset care program.

Energy’s Big Data day is dawning (Learning what your customers really want)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, data analytics, customer engagement, smart grid strategies, electric utilities
Netflix knew it had a hit with the House of Cards miniseries, even before viewers saw it. What does that have to do with the energy industry? Guest author Adrian Tuck explains how a consumer-centric approach to Big Data can help electricity providers truly get in touch with their customers’ desires, and develop new revenue streams in the process.

Of submarines and advanced utility operations: network resilience strategies

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, machine learning, network resilience, electric utilities, US Navy
In the second part of this series comparing nuclear-powered submarines and advanced utility operations, author Mike Varney shares his thoughts on why incorporating data into network resilience planning is essential and advocates for taking advantage of new technologies that can help utilities maintain efficiency and profitability.

Smart grid wins: a smart cities collaboration, Hawaii’s smart grid upgrade and more

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid companies, smart grid projects
Read this week’s smart grid wins for a quick look at a new smart cities project collaboration, Hawaii’s progress with its smart grid technology upgrade, a new acquisition for Schneider Electric and more projects and developments.

Asset health webinar: How to potentially save millions in operations costs

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, asset health, Fierce Energy asset health webinar, Ventyx, Microsoft, electric utilities
Don’t miss the opportunity to hear expert panelists dig into asset health management during a Fierce Energy-sponsored webinar scheduled for Wednesday, September 10. Experts from Ventyx, an ABB company, and Microsoft will address the process and tools needed to address critical issues such as aging assets and how to leverage them for optimum performance. There is no charge for the webinar, but space is limited.

Aging grid assets? How to know which equipment to replace and when

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, predictive maintenance, asset health, Ventyx, electric utilities
The first article in this special issue explored asset health management system strategy and development. Here, guest author Shawn Lyndon shares his thoughts on predictive maintenance and a business tool capable of demonstrating the potential benefits of servicing or replacing aging assets before they fail.

End-to-end asset health: How AEP and others are moving into the future

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, asset health, asset health management systems, analytics, asset health strategy, electric utilities
Aging critical infrastructure, whether it’s transformers, breakers or other equipment, is a daily fact of life for most utilities. While many utilities have tried to piece together an asset health management system of some kind, many see it as too massive an undertaking or don’t take it far enough to be truly effective. Read about a different and much simpler approach to centralized full lifecycle management.

What to do today to prepare for Big Change tomorrow (from a telecom veteran)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, Big Data, utility business model, utility transformation, smart grid strategy
With massive change coming in the utility business environment, it’s not hard to understand that figuring out how and where to begin to cope with it is a challenge. In the age of the data driven utility, guest author Thomas Zimmermann counsels utilities to take an incremental approach for the best outcome to what will be a major transformation.

Big wins for GRID20/20, Itron, Siemens and more smart grid companies

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid companies, smart grid vendors, smart grid projects
This week’s collection of smart grid wins includes quite a mix of projects and developments, including major accomplishments for GRID20/20, Itron, Siemens. Italy’s Enel, GeoDigital and others. Click for details.

The 3 steps to snagging a multi-billion-dollar "data dividend"

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, data, Big Data, smart grid opportunities, electric utilities
There is a multi-billion-dollar opportunity electric utilities haven’t caught on to yet: the business value of data. Guest author Gary Wachowicz explains the “data dividend,” what it is, and how utilities can quickly get on board and be competitive.

How to mature your grid operations (from an industry insider)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, data analytics, AMI, smart meters, smart grid software, electric utility operations
In the first two parts of his series on the operations maturity model, guest author Kai Hui explained how utilities can measure their progress and move up the maturity scale more quickly. His final installment covers integrated software and its critical importance in the operations maturity process.

When not so smart people run smart grids -- 3 ways to raise your operational IQ

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, data analytics, AMI, smart meters utility operations, electric utilities
In the first part of his three-part series on the operations maturity model, guest author Kai Hui related how utilities can use it to gauge how effectively they are interpreting using smart meter data. Now, he explains three ways utilities can climb to a higher level on the maturity scale.

How AMI analytics will determine utility winners and losers

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, AMI, smart meters, smart meter benefits, customer care, electric utilities
Early on AMI primarily was seen as a way to reduce peak demand and give customers more information about (and control over) their energy use. But as a new whitepaper from Oracle and Opower reveals, there are more benefits to be had… without additional cost. Click for a summary and to download the paper.

Are you smart enough to run a smart grid? How to grade your operations IQ

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, AMI, smart meters, data, data analytics, utility operations
All the smart meter data in the world isn’t going to do much good if a utility is unable to efficiently and effectively interpret and extract value from it. In the first of a three-part series, long-time utility insider Kai Hui explains the operations maturity model and how utilities can use it to judge if they are making the most of the data they have available.

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