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Electric utilities are starting to use all the data streaming in from smart meters, sensors and other smart grid technologies to create actionable business intelligence - to improve customer relationships or more effectively monitor and maintain assets. In this channel you'll find resources to help see the possibilities and follow the trends in Big Data.

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Data analytics buying guide part 1: What's in Big Data for you?

data analytics, advanced analytics, analytics buying guide, benefits of analytics, big data, Oncor analytics initiative, IBM analytics
Why is Big Data such a Big Deal for electric utilities? Because many are starting to use advanced analytics software to turn the volumes of data streaming in from smart grid technologies into actionable business intelligence. In part one of our new buying guide, you'll discover some of the benefits they're seeing - including just-released results from Oncor's ambitious analytics initiative with IBM.

Strategic Asset Management: A Primer for Electric Utilities

utility asset management, utility strategic asset management, advanced analytics for utilities, UTILICASE strategic asset management, Strategic asset management eBook
Utilities are now getting much more data about their equipment via meters, sensors and other intelligent devices and seeing the benefits of software that can pull together all that information and make sense of it. As a result, strategic asset management is entering its next phase, which is the focus of our latest eBook developed with the experts at UTILICASE. Download the free eBook to learn how your utility can glean the benefits of advanced analytics to develop a more strategic asset care program.

Why and how to convert Big Data into little data (aka actionable data)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid data, data analytics, electric utilities
Could it be that utilities have been using the wrong approach to deal with the huge amounts of data the smart grid produces? Guest author Steve Ehrlich explains a better way to squeeze value and actionable insight from all that data. And it’s not rocket science.

Italy's Enel continues to trail blaze (this time with storage and analytics)

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, nanogrids, smart buildings, energy storage, data analytics, Enel Group, electric utilities, lessons learned
While it’s always smart to watch the pioneers and trail blazers in the industry, sometimes we don’t look far enough for valuable lessons and inspiration. Italy’s Enel Group, a highly-ranked utility with operations in 40 countries in Europe and Latin America, is a prime example.

Forget about Big Data: webinar replays and presentation materials

Smart Grid, data analytics, big data, small data, forget about big data webinar, eMeter data analytics, CenterPoint Energy analytics, Duke Energy analytics, SGN webinar
Want to get your utility started down the data analytics path – but not ready to commit to a platform and the enterprise-class software that goes with it? Click to watch replays from SGN's April 2, 2014 webinar where experts from eMeter, a Siemens Business, CenterPoint Energy and Duke Energy explained why a start-small approach can make a lot of sense.

Forget about Big Data webinar slide deck

Smart Grid, big data, small data, data analytics, eMeter forget about big data webinar, CenterPoint data analytics, Duke Energy data analytics, SGN webinar
Download the presentation materials used in SGN's April 2, 2014 webinar where experts from eMeter, a Siemens Business, CenterPoint Energy and Duke Energy discussed advantages of a smart small approach to data analytics.

Download this report: Learnings from the largest smart grid test bed

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project, microgrids, Big Data, electric utilities
The Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project, the country’s largest, has released its 2013 annual report. Catch up on news of the project’s microgrid and lessons participants learned during their work in other areas, including transactive energy, wind forecasting, energy management and Big Data.

4 keys to greater resiliency (#4 is most important)

smart grid, modern grid, storm damage mitigation, storm damage strategy, data analytics, electric utilities
The devastating series of storms that swept through many parts of the country focused attention on the need to minimize the damage they cause. With the steady advances in data analytics and improved weather data, the time is coming when we can predict the location and severity of storms. And that will be a welcome and valuable addition to the storm damage mitigation toolbox.

Utilities: Forget about Big Data! (Start with small data, then work your way up)

smart grid, modern grid, Big Data, enterprise data analytics, smart grid strategy, webinars, asset management, electric utilities
If your utility is trying to figure out how to approach enterprise data analytics, you won’t want to miss our webinar on how to get started. So mark your calendar for Wednesday, April 2nd and register to reserve your spot to hear from experts in the field. The webinar is free to Smart Grid News readers while space remains.

Smart grid wins, from Mozambique to Miami

smart grid, modern grid, smart grid technology, smart grid vendors, electric utilities, transmission, analytics, AMI, metering, efficiency, energy storage
It’s been a big week for smart grid wins, from the largest networked street lighting deployment in North America to substation projects in Qatar and Mozambique. Click to read more sector news, such as DOE’s new wind energy resource center and Philadelphia’s major smart buildings project.

Breakthrough? Why and how to triangulate your data (and the missing link that lets it happen)

smart grid, smart grid technology, data analytics, Big Data, analytics strategies, grid monitoring, electric utilities
A massive amount of data is collected from meters and substations, but the segment between substations and meters might as well be invisible. GRID20/20 President Alan Snook explains how low-cost sensors and data triangulation can shed light on that largely hidden stretch, and why it’s such a useful strategy.

The 4 most important smart grid lessons learned (courtesy of Black & Veatch)

smart grid, smart grid technology, lessons learned, smart grid strategy, electric utilities
In its first Strategic Directions report on utility automation, Black & Veatch shares the results of a survey conducted with utility executives about common challenges and possible opportunities. It’s worthwhile reading for all, but particularly for those executives who may be wondering “Is it just me, or…?”

The right way to approach Big Data (GE thinks it knows)

smart grid, smart grid technology, data analytics, GE, GE Digital Energy, smart grid companies
Data analytics has been a hot topic for utilities, and GE Digital Energy has invested a lot of time and effort in developing solutions. We had a chance to talk with GE’s general manager for Software Solutions about the company’s approach recently and thought readers would be interested in the results.

Is Big Data the Next Next Thing?

smart grid, smart grid technology, analytics, Big Data, Next Next Thing, smart grid trends, electric utilities
What’s the Next Next Thing? It’s that development, concept, technology or something else that could mean a major shift in the evolution of smart grid within the next few years. And it’s just over the horizon where we can’t quite see it yet. We asked knowledgeable industry professionals to share their insights on what the Next Next Thing might be and why. We’re kicking off the series with their takes on Big Data.

Rethinking smart grid data analytics to get both tactical and strategic advantage

Smart Grid, data analytics, Elster data analytics, ultimate guide to AMI, Modern Grid, Smart Grid Deployment, AMI, Smart Meters, Power Grid, Smart Electric Grid, Electric Utilities,
In this latest installment of our ultimate guide to AMI, Bob Ritchie of Elster details the enormous opportunity utilities have to turn the colossal amounts of data they are amassing into actionable (and profitable) business intelligence. Click for his advice on leveraging data analytics for both tactical and strategic advantage.

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