PSEG wants $1.6B to increase system resiliency

The utility has filed a request with state regulators to modernize its gas system, including accelerating the replacement of aging cast iron gas mains during the next five years -- at a total cost of about $1.6 billion. The utility requested the funding, about $320 million per year, in a filing with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

Austin community first to be powered by crowdsourced energy

A group of Central Texas technology companies, nonprofits focused on sustainability, and Austin Mayor Steve Adler, have announced a campaign to generate donations of electricity for power the initial year of operation of Community First! Village. The campaign creates the world's first community powered by crowdsourced energy and helps improve quality of life for village residents.

U.S. leading energy storage deployments

Driven by strong government support at state and federal levels, North America represents the majority of new project announcements with 436.4 MW; California alone accounts for nearly half of this announced capacity. Asia Pacific and Western Europe are the next leading regions, with 165.1 MW and 95.2 MW of new projects announced, respectively, according to Navigant.

Exelon explores bringing microgrids to New York

Exelon has announced they will be expanding -- with a series of microgrids in the state of New York ranging from 10 to 200 megawatts (MW) located all around the state.

Hawaii Foreign Trade-Zone No. 9 plans to develop their own microgrid

The Hawaii Foreign Trade-Zone No. 9 has announced plans to get off the grid entirely by developing its own microgrid system.


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A motion asking the California Energy Commission (CEC) to terminate the certification proceeding for the Hydrogen Energy California (HECA) coal plant, has been filed by a group that includes the Sierra Club, HECA Neighbors and the Association of Irritated Residents.


India is expected to have a breakout year in solar after three years of stagnant growth, which could have a significant impact on its clean coal industry and the adoption of clean coal technologies.