Get ready for disruption: Utilities should prepare for PV impacts on ops, business model

The deployment of residential solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have grown dramatically, causing power quality issues for some utilities. And there could be even more trouble on the horizon.

Cooling off or heating up? Climate change impacting smart thermostats

Rapidly increasing awareness among customers on the user-friendliness and comfort of smart thermostats is spurring demand in Europe.

Specialization: Dominion-developed tech leads to more efficient grid

Dominion Voltage, Inc. (DVI) has partnered with the Duck River Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) -- served by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) -- with the integration of its Volt/VAR optimization platform.

Is Apple planning to catapult ahead of Tesla smart grid technology?

Apple is a company that likes to be first, but when it comes to the smart grid, they are lagging painfully behind -- or are they?

Legal battle: How will Order 745 affect PJM prices?

Power prices are expected to be lowered after the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) order allowing demand response and energy-efficiency resources to be included in the PJM Interconnection's upcoming capacity auctions, but the decline may not be as large as expected, according to Moody's.


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The recently passed renewable energy standard in Vermont makes way for an increasing requirement for distributed generation, preparing solar PV for a larger role in the state. Meanwhile, the Public Service Board is in the process of drafting a revised net metering program-- potentially changing rate structure.


The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) has launched a new fracking tracking mechanism. The map tracks hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" bans, restrictions and other government action against what it calls a "revolutionary technique" used to enhance U.S. oil and gas production.