Con Ed offers attractive DR incentives for large commercial buildings

New York's Con Edison has some attractive incentives to offer the owners of large commercial buildings who participate in the utility's summer demand response (DR) programs.

ALLETE to acquire U.S. Water Services

Energy company ALLETE has agreed to buy integrated industrial water management company U.S. Water Services. Specifically, ALLETE will first purchase 87 percent of U.S. Water for $168 million and the balance of the company at a later date.

Survey: customer satisfaction high, but utilities need to do more

Electric and gas utility customer satisfaction ratings have been rising over the past few years and the just released results of a survey from a division of Market Strategies International found that the trend continues. But further analysis of the numbers showed that even highly rated utilities need to do more to ensure customer trust.

German company wants to bring small-scale hydro to off-grid regions

It would be hard to imagine what life would be like without electricity -- unless you never had it. Unfortunately, roughly 1.3 billion people in different parts of the world do not. German organization Mobile Hydro has found what it says is a practical solution involving what might be called micro-hydropower to at least some of those regions.

Longer lasting EV batteries from lithium-air technology?

While lithium-ion batteries provide the power for today's electric vehicles, researchers at Yale and MIT believe they have come up with a way to eliminate the most vexing problems associated with lithium-air technology.


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The past decade has witnessed significant developments in policies for renewable energy, which are driving its growth globally. In fact, new analysis from Frost & Sullivan forecasts the global installed capacity of renewable energy to more than double from 1,566 gigawatts (GW) in 2012 to 3,203 GW in 2025.


The results of a survey conducted by DEFG, a management consulting firm specializing in energy, reveals some interesting information about low-income utility customers-- 43 percent (or four in 10) of which have trouble paying their utility bills.